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    This is a project started by a small team. Just wondering what feedback I can get on this. https://gamejolt.com/games/DnLgames/374985 Thanks Daniel
  2. Danman25

    Break my Blocks a small game

    Thanks a lot. I changed the ball to white and also made the ball have a constant speed now so no more boring slow ball haha. Even for me its a little too hard. But I feel it is possible. I will work on it in time to try make it more progressively harder instead of the step learning curve. Any new ideas or features will be appreciated and taken into consideration depending on my skills haha . I also recommend to play in full screen in window mode the mouse leaves the screen and so does the paddle. So far I have had a lot of positive feedback. One complaint I had was they needed to be a score board. That I want to work on next.
  3. Danman25

    Break my Blocks a small game

    Hey man So I took your feedback again. I managed to change it quite a bit since. Please take a look. I added a level before Randomized the powerup Improved graphics overall Added lives. Added sound track Randomized ball to move in different directions to prevent boring loops. Still working that though. Should be an improvement either way.
  4. Danman25

    Break my Blocks a small game

    Thanks Zakwayda for the review. Sure I did some changes due to your criticism have a look now and tell me what you think. Also I am working on setting up a lives system ( Not as easy as it sounds) Once I done that I will reupload a new build maybe in a week or so. Let me know what you think of the small changes so far. This build Changed the main menu. I added breakable blocks with damage. Non breakable blocks Slowed down the ball. Least I think i did. Second level it goes fast again. But I will change that accordingly when I have more time. The next build has Lives Better particle effects.
  5. Hey there I am looking to get some criticism on my game it is called break my blocks its a very small game. I would like to get some ideas and feedback on the first thoughts. https://gamejolt.com/games/Breakmyblocks/359289 Thank you Daniel
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