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  1. Thanks Tom, much appreciated. I'll check out those articles and will have a look at the Hobby Project Classified. Cheers,
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope I’m on the right forum for this. It has been a long time that this idea is turning at the back of my head : I would like to understand the process of video game creation and more importantly, be part of it. Let me start from the beginning: I’m from Brussels, 42 years old, 20 years of IT development, analysis, software design, project management techniques,…. behind me, so I’m definitely not a newcomer in development world. The thing is that although I’ve been playing video games since I’m 8 (as far as I can remember, I’ve started with King’s Quest from Sierra on Amstrad PC1512, and now I’m playing Overcooked with my wife on XBox one X…) and never stopped, I’ve never worked in the gaming industry. I’ve mainly work as IT consultant, in bank sector and currently governmental organization. I’m also very enthusiastic about It development in general so that, I recently learned IOS development during my free time and also WordPress advanced development to create an application for my Role Playing Game (real one, with dice paper) club. All that was fun. Now, I’m looking into learning video game development and I already had a look at Unity which is cool to start with. I think what I’m missing right now it to understand the global creation process for video games: from where to start, how teams are composed, how is the collaboration done between all the specialties involved, is there formal project management activities involved or is everything done on the fly,…? So many questions… I’m also realist and I tend to think that developing a game on its own is not something feasible, mainly with no knowledge on how the thing are working in this industry. [deleted by moderator] Thanks ! (Apologize for any mistakes in my post. My first language is French) Cheers, L
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