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  1. Dawan Dumas


    Does anyone use the unreal engine in C++? I want to use unreal for c++. I'm make websites from scratch. Html, css, JavaScript and I'm going for C++
  2. Dawan Dumas

    Story telling for games

    I started off on snes. I was always the person that could see what's missing in games. I also have a story that I want to make short films for my game. Tv series or YouTube series depends on how big my game will be. I'm the type of person who loves far cry for it's map editor but wish it was more like unreal engine or unity, Maya and blender. I watch everything for a better story. What process you go through game designers?
  3. Dawan Dumas

    Advertise and Marketing

    What steps do you go through to get your game known? Do you wait until the game finished? Do you advertise while game is in productions? Now since social media is a big thing, it's easier to get your product out. What did you do?
  4. Hogman. What percent of almost finish do you see yourself at?
  5. wow. Ok, that's good to know. I wonder what makes some projects not go through. Either money, or something couldn't get fixed in the game. I want to make a game and the stuff I want to make in the game has been done in other games. mechanics wise. But I want to switch it up into my own Ideas. I use everything I see when thinking of my game. of the world? How it works? what logic will I be using? is this earth or mars, the moon ect. When I think of my story I also think of the gameplay. What am I trying to have the play feel? But some of the stuff you guys said. i guess I never got into detailed with that. I have a lot to think about.
  6. Dawan Dumas

    where did you start to make a game?

    Thanks man. I'm hungry for this. I feel like the more and more I talk about it. the more and more new possiblities open up. The business part. i know it and I can do it. the gaming. I just have this crazy Idea I need to make a game because I feel like it will be legendary and I'm figuring out on how to put it all together. I want to make games and challenges people at them. Like can you beat the creator lol? This is what I want to do for a career.
  7. I believe once you lose faith in what your making. it wont be the same. I wan to make a game that's fun, but be able to have people challenge me in it. I want to keep faith that my game will be fun to me and others. So that if it ever hits big. I can be like. wow. That's my creation
  8. Thanks. That really helps
  9. wow. Thanks everyone. This really helps a lot. also for those who didn't complete their game. I hope you make something great and it comes out
  10. Dawan Dumas

    Where do I start?

    I have a couple programmers, a couple of artist and some people that can make music. I understand that the game I want to make is going to be millions of dollars, but I can't go backwards. I want to learn as much as I can but I need this game to come out. not just for money but because it's my dream. to make video games. To be a leader in developing games. I'm not rich or anything. I do have sales and marketing under my belt so I know how to talk to people. I don't want a shortcut. I want this to be just as hard so when I make my next game. I already know what I want to do. I have web design under my belt but not game design. I would like to know where to start in starting my own gaming business. I get the business sale. investors. I didn't think about documents of what the programmers would be working on.. How do you start a game company and how do I find other people that own game companies? I want to start there. Then I want to here all the worst gaming stories. I was just watching this link of how many games that people were waiting to come out, but were cancelled from company changes like Disney- to prey 2 where they felt the game wasn't up to their standards. I'm also asking questions. so if I'm not here. I'm on somewhere else asking questions so I can learn more and more about the gaming business.
  11. Dawan Dumas

    Where do I start?

    Thanks. I've been researching and I understand the time and money part. investors copy right. I know its going to be a crazy ride but I'm ready. Also thanks
  12. I want to what is a major problem that everyone goes through. I'm not talking about money or time, but if you got everything you need to bring your game to life. What are some problems you go through? or as an artist or programmer. Tell me.
  13. I think learning the code is the easy part. You can learn code by copying it. Blender, maya Lynda.com but even after learning code. You don't have any art. How will you put everything together without it. You can think of how you would put a game like overwatch together, but for the coding and the art to get you where your game needs to be. I have an 2 artist. 1 animation, 1 multi person that also knows design. and one person that does music. I don't want to just make a game. I want to bring out a game company. that's copyright, that's making a business sale and hope investors will buy, but if I do it that way. I have to be ok with giving up shares. If I won the lottery I wouldn't have to worry just like that guy that pretty much won the lottery with no game experience and he brought his company out. Your questions are hard because everyone has there own ideas of how much time effort want to put into game. an game like overwatch. You got to ask yourself. What are you going to do to get your game out. I want to make one of the best mmo games before that genre dies. I know it's going to be hard. I got the game, the story, how I want to customers/players to feel. I accept that challenge because I have sales and marketing experience. Somebody is going to let my game and someone is going to say yes. You got to think what all you can do before you get overwhelmed. My body physically wont let me make another game right now. I have to make this game. Then the plan is to make the coolest magneto game ever! lol. Just think about what your going to do? how your going to get it? and when you got it. How does that make you feel. For anyone who made games and successfully completed them congrats. I had to look at tactics. all mortal kombat games are similar fighting styles, GTA5 is the similar tekken, soul calibur, COD. final fantasy. crono cross. parasite eve. the second one was like resident evil for some reason. They make their game. then make a part 2 which don't have much in it like every COD game out. Make it lie freedom fighters, or what's that xbox army game called? I want to say rage but it was an open world army game. There is so many possibilities. oh and remember this.. Superman from the 64 sold more copies than any other game. more than wow. more than gta. and that game was horrible. Don't give up man. You'll figure it out.
  14. Dawan Dumas

    where did you start to make a game?

    wow. all of this is great advice. thanks everyone
  15. Dawan Dumas

    where did you start to make a game?

    Sorry man. I'm too stubborn for that. we all played the rpg makers, far cry map editors. I need to keep going where I am because I want make a better game than mine. I did a lot of research and between loans, business plans having everything copy right and there is there ways I believe to get your stuff copy right. name, web name, commercial. I have to move forward and learn from the game I want to make. everyone did what they could and Mario maker. pokemon hacks. M.u.g.e.n. game engines. I understand if I didn't know my story or the complex of my game, but honestly. everything I want to do has been in other. some in games that we forgot( like why wasn't armor core just as smooth as zone of enders mechs)?
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