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  1. I'm really sorry, but due to numerous implications, I'm forced to pull the plug on this project and will be removing this post. Thank You for applying, I am deeply sorry for your wasted time. It won't happen again.
  2. Okay, Thank You! I should be contacting you in a few days.
  3. I would need your email if You would please send it to me, either here or by DM. As far as Being professional goes, most of us aren't necessarily considered professionals, so be at ease. Also, I appreciate the advice, I will have to take that Into Consideration.
  4. Thank You I got it. And I appreciate Your honesty, there is no need to be sorry. I know some things work for different people, and not other things. Even I admit it would be foolish of me to refuse Your offer with both that much experience and you still offering, understanding what I have said in the post above. Not only would this be good for me, but I believe having someone as experienced as you would also be helpful to my other programmers who are learning or wish to learn. It would also be beneficial to have someone who would be able to help in the finer tuning of the game, should things go awry. We Would be more than happy to have you. I should be contacting you within a few days, as with the others. Thank You for Your Consideration.
  5. Okay, Thank You! I will be contacting you as soon as I can. It may be a few days.
  6. Thank You! I will be Contacting You as Soon as I can. It may take a few days just so you know.
  7. Actually yes, I could use help in all those areas. I'm also not exactly the Most Professional Person myself, So no worries. We Would be happy to have you on board. And If you Have any references of things You have done that I can look at, that would be great too. If not it's okay. If You decide to Join, I would need Your email so I have an alternative way of reaching you and also so I can send you Our Discord Server Link
  8. Being Doubly skilled is always awesome. We would Love to have you if you decide to join! As for Your Question, I am going to try and explain to the best I can, as I am not entirely sure I am using the type of answers you are looking for. So as far as this Games Mechanics I am aiming for(though some will definitely have to fine-tuned, edited or removed completely): Basic Unit Collison, Rope-like Swinging, Rolling/Dashing, Jumping, Weapon Mode Switch, Special attack, flying, aiming/shooting, boomerang(?), screen transitions(?), Item pickup/drop, shops, currency, achievements, character story select, cutscenes in the regular game(?) alternate character skins/palettes, and unlockables. If there is More I will try to add it to the above list. If you have any more questions feel free to ask and I'll answer as best I can. If You decide to Join, please provide an Email address so I can send you the Discord Server link and as an alternative means of reaching you. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Thanks for considering, as we do really need programmers, and we'd love to have you. I will be brutally honest, I have been trying to think which game engine would be best for the game, But I think this is something that Me and My Group of Programmers(aka you and whoever else joins up to a point) would need to decide together once everyone has a basic Idea of the Game and It's Mechanics. I understand Some Programmers can be flexible with their program tools, But I know not all of them can be. Similar to how I answered GuyWhoLikesToCo, I would like it if we are all using the same programs and engines, because I really don't think the game or any other for that matter, will work out if we are all on different programs/engines. I'm sure you can understand what I mean. Would you have an Email to Which I can reach You and send you the link to our Discord?
  10. Hello Alejandro! I looked over your work samples, and I'd be honored if You would help collaborate on this Project! Would You Be able to provide an Email where I can reach you and send you the Link to our discord Server? And We'd Love to have you! However, on Your Note about Unreal Engine, I understand You have been recently learning it, and you'd like to continue with learning it as to not break-up Your learning rate with it, but please understand I cannot guarantee that will be the programming program we will need to use. I'd Like to have something that All our programmers can use, while still being able to perform the functions the game requires. If all our Programmers tried using different programs, I imagine that would only create discord and the project would fall to pieces pretty quickly. Do You have an email I can Reach you at and Send you the link to our discord?
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