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  1. poisonknight

    Starting a browser game.

    Does anyone know any links to the tutorials to make these kind of browser games? I'm quite interested but I know too less about game development So some lists of tutotrials would be good for a newbie like me
  2. poisonknight

    Make game like worms

    Woah this is impressive and cute at the same time! Thanks for the share thou! It helps a lot for a newbie like me I will keep you guys updated on what I learned from you guys in a new post soon !
  3. poisonknight

    Horror Game Development Process?

    I'm also interested in knowing more, but I only have a little knowledge in game development. Maybe you might wanna come out with some sort of tutorials afterwards on a specific topic
  4. poisonknight

    Worth it to go to School as a Composer?

    I think that you should go to the one that is more accredited because you can definitely learn more from a better school and if you have to move away that isn't a bad thing because you get to be independent Just my own personal opinion:)
  5. think that whichever place you go you will surely learn some stuff but nowadys everything is realistic, they want certs and university that you're going matter. It all depends on yourself to think if a uni is suitable for you or know as different people have diffeerent opinion on the same thing
  6. Woah to be honest this tutorial is really helpful for beginners like me. Never thought that this video is so good. Really like and appreciate the effort you put in here! Hopefully you will make more videos in the future! Keep up the great work and looking forward to see your next tutorial video!
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