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  1. Hi, I have been practicing the OpenGL tutorials and doing some text rending. Now its time to build a simple program with various UI components. The components are basic but separate. I have; A 3d space area where I can rotate around my 3d model I have a text status box at the bottom that informs me of progress / events of the simulation I have filtering boxes at right hand side I summary performance count on bottom right I have a rough mock up attached. The question I have is: Where can I find information / examples about putting the different elements together, so 3d area scales objects correctly, layout is "owned" by the correct space. So the separate components can be rendered in a single scene ? For example 3d area which say is 80% of the screen area, is still a scaled replication of the 3d model. All code is in C++/Open GL 3.5 Thanks Ramman
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