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    The Panel Puzzle

    The Panel Puzzle is a logical puzzle for creating a route that fulfil the puzzle conditions. In the game you are waiting for 106 levels and 6 mechanics, some of which work with each other. This mechanics are (as I name it): Follow - you need touch everyone dot of this condition on the grid. Avoid - same thing, but you need untouch this condition. Separate - you need separate all figures of this condition that don't have same color. Group - you need group this condition whith only one condition of Group or Separate what have same color; Annigilation - you need group two Annigilation conditions that have invert color; Sides - you need create a path that passes near this cell with the number of hit sides equal to shown in the condition. P.S. If I had mistakes, sorry for that. I don't know English very well.
  2. 15Litrov

    The Panel Puzzle

    Album for The Panel Puzzle
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