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  1. commando_337

    [.net] .Net Variable Classes

    Thanks Guys, The Char[] was just an example. I'm not very familiar with VB so the info helps. === Commando_337
  2. commando_337

    Hot or cold?

    Living in Canada you get used to the cold. I say cold! ... although -25 is a bit cold for me (*praying for a warmer winter this year*) --Celcius that is... for all you Americans (or others!) =) === Commando_337
  3. commando_337

    [web] Can javascript open files?

    Quote:Original post by GameMasterXL This program will be a client side scripting program that i am creating for halo ce. So is what i am wanting is when i click on the file that has an exention of type .hsc then it will send its contents into the textarea of my program and open it up just like notepad opens when you click on a .txt file. So i am wanting my file to be loaded into my program and open it up to view it so you can edit the source of the script ect. I think that if I'm understand you here, all you are looking for is how to associate your .hsc files with Internet Explorer, right? That way when you open My Documents (As an example) and see all of your .hsc files you can double click it and have it open directly in IE. What you are looking for is right in the Tools menu within My Computer. Go Tools->Folder Options then select the "File Types" tab at the top. You will now have to create a new association between files with the .hsc extension and Internet Explorer. Is this all that you needed? === Commando_337
  4. commando_337

    I want 3 oses on one HD

    Hello ordered_disorder, I'm not sure if this will suit your purposes, but I recently aquired a license to VMWare Desktop 5 and now I can boot up my usual Windows XP session and using VMWare I can create virtual desktops within XP. With this I am currently running Suse Linux to test and play around with. So when I feel like it, I boot the Virtual machine and if I get bored/stuck, I can even pause the virtual machine and Alt-Tab back to Windows for a bit. I've only been using it for two days and I have to say it's a great tool! You can install as many different OSs as you'd like, it's only tied down by the amount of diskspace you have. Theoretically, if you were a programmer and you wanted to test your app on various platforms you could have a WinXP computer with VMWare, than virtual machines for Suse, Red Hat, Win XP (Another one), Win 2000, Win 98 and just switch them around when you need to test with them. Check it out! === Commando_337
  5. Hello All, I was just going through the forums and thought of a question to ask. I'll probably get yelled at if someone asked the question before, but please go with me on this. I've done most of my programming in c++. This is what I know, and if i'm going to program any games, i'm pretty sure it will be in c++. However, I'm thinking that I would like to make my tools using VB.NET (great edition!). I tried it out and loved it, but my question is about the variable situation. To add functionality to variables, such as Integers and Strings, they were made into classes. So, if I have a variable (Say Integer) with a value of 3 and a String with a value of "Dog", what is the best way to right these variable values, to a binary file so that in a c++ application, I can open the file and read the values back into variables like int and char[4]???? Thanks, === Commando_337
  6. commando_337

    Halloween Animation

    Poor Kid.
  7. commando_337

    Declaring class member function C++

    Hello lwood. Because you defined Draw as a void function, the start to your Draw definition should read: void CButton::Draw(SDLSurface* screen) And I believe that your other problem is the fact that you don't have a semi-colon (;) at the end of your class declarations. === Commando_337
  8. commando_337

    What should I start with?

    Personally I think you should pick one "thing" and stick with it. Try and make it something with a purpose. I have a bad habit of seeing something new, trying it out and losing track of whatever I was working on. I would say - pick c++ and just work on it. Yes it's tough, but you have a start and a finish with it. Read up on it. Try some tutorials than start working on your own projects from small to big. You will see your growth and you will start to formulate a plan for what you want to do down the road. Good Luck! --- Commando_337
  9. commando_337

    A bit of friendly advice

    Hello All, A quick opinion of those who are konwledgeable. I am looking at developing a game (surprise, surprise) and was curious about something. I am working on developing some tools before the actually game coding and I was wondering how best to use the languages. I have a background in c/c++ so this will be my language of choice but i'm looking at developing the tools in c++ .net. But then i'm planning on coding the engine in c++ and DirectX. So my qustions is, is it a good idea to try and work with .net if i'm going to code mainly in pure c++ later? .Net has both pros and cons that i'm experiencing, like easy windows programming, but i'm finding it a bit tough to get it to agree with pure c++. So if anyone has any resources to work with both in a project, that would definitly help too. Thanks in Advance!
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