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  1. Uttam Kushwah

    undefined behavior of bullet objects.

    Thanks Alberth, So I need a solid test case which always fails, in that case my first ball always hit the plane but go through every other object that makes it(the case). Now I need to check the properties of the plane and the ball what making them interact to each other. By which i can find which thing having trouble the ball or other Non-planar object I will try this.
  2. Hello everyone i am trying to make some simpleton game but having trouble with bullet objects behavior. in my game scene there is terrain shape for open world(which are nasty for now) and i am shooting some balls to check how terrain is doing. But some balls hit the terrain and some phase through so i don't know what to do or where exactly to dig. you can see the problem here i know video quality is bad but bare it for now please i still newbie for uploading. i guess you will get some clue what i am going through. Thanks in advance.
  3. Uttam Kushwah

    box selection in bullet

    Thank you jbarrios i never thought that thing in this way, so now I can simply make a box on the units rather than a frustum coming from the camera in accordance to that rectangle. And test collision with that box to select object. That is a nice one. Thank you once again. I Will try it and post again as it works, and that will work for sure.
  4. Uttam Kushwah

    box selection in bullet

    i am trying to make a basic rts with 100 vs 100 character, but as in rts we need box selection for picking multiple units, and if we are in perspective projection we need to define the frustum against the camera where it is defined by the cursor position. now my question is i am somehow able to get eight vertices in the 3d world that defines frustum against which collision should be checked but i don't know how to put that eight vertices in the bullet physics engine, should i use the btConvexHullShape, then how am i supposed to fit this eight vertices as a triangular mesh. or is there a thing called btFrustumShape or more like it. or there is a fully another way to do this thing. i implemented the single click selection via ray casting with bullet. one thing more i am un-projecting the mouse coordinates with depth 1.0f and 0.0f first when it is clicked and released which gives topleft and bottomright coordinates of the 2d rectangle(selection box). thanks in advance. excuse me for poor syntax😁.
  5. Actually these function are Part of btTransform which we pass in btmotionstate function for a shape thank you for your reply I will try to do as you said.
  6. hello,this is my first post of all time on game dev.net or any website even including facebook i have been working on a project some kind of fps (even though i can render static model only ) but when i tried to integrate bullet i stuck in some scaling transformation everything is good but the scaling is messed up . i am doing it like btTransform t; t.setFromOpenglMatrix(&modelTransform[][]); set this transform to any rigid body an step simulation and then btTransform t; t.getOpenglMatrix(&modelTransform[][]); upload the model transform to the shader ,is am i doing wrong ? can someone suggest how we usually do it? or bullet transforms not support the scaling and we need to do it manualy. thanks in advance. (sorry for the syntax of the question as i told this is my first time)
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