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  1. It is a good thing that you want to start game development before you start working on it, you may need to keep following things in mind: 1.) Design 2.) art 3.) code 4.) audio 5.) polish 6.) marketing. No matter your skill level, just believe in yourself that you can make a game too. Remember you only get better by doing, failing, then improving.
  2. JonathanAlves

    Horror Game Development Process?

    The process of horror game development will be same as other game development but the planning will be different, because the content, character and the idea will be different for other gaming and horror games. Sound design both are equally important to provide a feel of horror game and keep in mind that horror games make the player vulnerable, exposed, and often helpless. Horror game should also have the background and environment like its isolated, so plan your visuals and space accordingly. Design everything keeping horror scenario in mind.
  3. No I don’t think you need single assets only while creating a game. You are thinking to create a multiplayer game, which may include various things like, visuals, ideas, logics, sound and many more. So you should be ready to use more than single asset. Because it’s better to work in a proper way to deliver a good result at the end. It will be time taking as well.
  4. JonathanAlves

    Horror Game Development Process?

    Hello, it’s not about horror game only. Before developing any type of game you need planning first, and when we come to horror games you need to keep all the things in mind including what characters you will involve, different levels and puzzles, the most important part is story else anyone can easily get bored. You also have to focus on the stuff you want the user to see, so you need to work more on technical stuff, and the sound is also an important part.
  5. I liked the game Age of war, and best part is it is totally free and no registration required, it is good game reference to start for. Yes, Game Maker Studio 2 is a good suggetion.
  6. JonathanAlves

    Begginer at writting for video games.

    Hello skydragon5555, it is good to know that you also have the interest on writing games. I am a newbie here in same field. I read your post and get some ideas about it . I also love writing but as per my opinion It is totally different when it comes to writing for games. YES , I am a good hardcore gamer as well, so I think it would be helpful for me while writing for games. But I don’t think that every game developer need a writer for their games but some need it, so you should not focus on any other thing, you should continue with writing only. I am also here to get help from all of you. Thanks in advance.
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