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  1. amantino

    2d Artist/ Pixel artist / Animator

    Available for new commissions!
  2. Hello! I'm a Pixel artist/ 2d Artist and you can check out my work here: http://amantinopixel.wordpress.com You can reach me at amantino@live.com . Note: I don't accept free work / rev share proposals. Best regards!
  3. amantino

    2d Artist/ Pixel artist / Animator

    Hey Mortdeu5! Thanks for the positive feedback I'm looking for paid contract work. Please hit me up on amantino@live.com for further details Looking forward to hear more about your project!
  4. Hello, I'm amantino, a pixel artist with a 10 years pixel-art experience with 2 years solely doing complete graphic design for the PC metroidvania Golden Hour (complete graphic design for the game including background, character, weapon, UI design, concept art, visual effects, animation and level design ). full portfolio: https://amantinopixel.wordpress.com
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