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  1. Maybachfanest

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    When it comes to Sci-fi games, I love when there are moments of frustration; so if your game would have that kind of moments, then it will be more addictive in my opinion
  2. Maybachfanest

    Monetization Problem

    Maybe you should look for other ways of monetization; AdMob is not the only way; If Admob is not working, then other platforms will work
  3. As from my view, I see copyright infringement in this way - If someone uses file protected with copyright for financial gain, then it's a copyright infringement, other way I don't see any problems
  4. Maybachfanest

    Ads are back

    I don't see any problems for these ads, Yes I see those ads too, all around this forum but it's good, no problems at all;
  5. Wow, I'm on your path and want earn living money with creating creative and addictive games: I would probably follow this thread cause I already see good answers and huge value people share here
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