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  1. @jbadams Then, how do I get develop my idea. I got programming as a subject next school year. But I haven’t any time to do this myself. First, it would be too big. Second. It’s a college like school. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymnasium_(school) I’m from Germany.
  2. @jbadams Yah! I know. I read this in other forums often. So, I decided to make it so awesome that the developer are haunted by it in their dreams.
  3. Hey, folks! I told you about my MMOG idea. So, now the problem is that I don’t know how to plan my idea and send it to a big developer. (Yah! I know it’s unrealistic. But my dream developer is Blizzard. I just love Overwatch and World of Warcraft.) So … Do you have any tips how can I solve my problems?
  4. 8-bit_keyboard

    How to avoid bugs

    The best way to avoid bugs is to look in the damn code of the game (or whatever you program.).They hide there.
  5. 8-bit_keyboard

    Player character categories

    @Scouting Ninja the quick silver (or flash) of game characters?
  6. 8-bit_keyboard

    Player character categories

    @Scouting NinjaI understood everything. But what's "Movement" exactly? Do they just move the whole game?
  7. 8-bit_keyboard

    Player character categories

    @Scouting NinjaThanks. I'll think about it.
  8. 8-bit_keyboard

    Player character categories

    Hey guys and gals, I had a game idea in the last month. And I’m planning it at the moment. (I can you say so much: Its like Overwatch meets God of war meets World of war craft.) And I also have player categories. I have defense, offense and supporter until yet. But that would be too much Overwatch-like. So, I wanna ask you what can I use as a player category else. (By the way, I plan races, too.) Bye, 8-Bit_keyboard
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