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  1. Brandon Sharp

    Custom Textures + Renders

    Jurassic Park on top of Outlaw from Twisted Metal Mystery Machine on top Vermin from Twisted Metal Joker's Ride on top of Roadboat from Twisted Metal
  2. Brandon Sharp

    Neon Signs & Objects

    Yes. I don’t know too much about the luminous but I am trying to get it looking as real as possible. I use Omni lights too around the luminous to give the. Area some more shadows. Then sometime I’ll use photoshop to add more rays and flares. Thanks for checking it out. I know they are not extravagant but they are pretty good for my first ones.
  3. Brandon Sharp

    Machbot 2.0 VS Sweetbot

    Yeah this is one level, it’s both cars and bots this is just a render from the bot forms fighting above one of the worlds.
  4. Brandon Sharp

    Geforce 370z

    Made this back in 2017 when i had a super computer. Not sure of the poly count but I know it was crazy. Fans all were spinning had some cool animation of exhaust from the NOS tanks. Will redo this eventually for my game and it will turn into a Drone type bot.
  5. Brandon Sharp

    Neon Signs & Objects

    Some neons I did. Not to bad for being my first time. The lighting was the hardest part to get right. Let me know what you think and if you have a better technique than I do. All i use is a luminescent over a transparent material.
  6. Brandon Sharp

    Pixar Type Render

    This is a few renders of a small city i did made up of mostly Pixar stuff and a few other characters from different things. These are all old now I just looked at the date and its 5/11/17. Its 8000x5000 and has lots of hidden stuff. Can anyone find Plankton ? I did everything from scratch and for a year ago till now I still think I did a great job. Let me know what you think.
  7. Brandon Sharp

    Looking for feedback on my space scene

    Lol so your criticizing my criticism on a crirtize forum ?... right
  8. Brandon Sharp

    TMNT Party Wagon

    This is my TMNT party wagon. I know its super messed up but it was my first real big project car. I found a blueprint of the car on a Episode of TMNT and when i uploaded it to my 3D program I noticed it was centered. So thank you to whoever rendered that one frame, because its all I needed. I made some custom textures and a UV layout from scratch. It's not exact but hey i think it looks cool. I will defiantly go back in and redo this now I have better knowledge of topology.
  9. Brandon Sharp

    Machbot 2.0 VS Sweetbot

    Thanks man. It was a challenge. The render was just the bots and I photoshopped the rest including the FX and lighting. I did the best I could with the programs I got.
  10. Brandon Sharp

    Looking for feedback on upcoming rpg

    Hey man since nobody wants to critic your work ill give it a go. I actually do have an Ipad. Id like to try it out and see what you been working on. I see it dont look too fancy so but thats my kind of style brother. Let me know how to get it an ill tell you what i think.
  11. Brandon Sharp

    Looking for feedback on my space scene

    As of now it’s very low poly and kinda just blah. Not very interesting and needs to be textured.
  12. Brandon Sharp

    Machbot 2.0 VS Sweetbot

    This is a project I've been working on for awhile now. I'd say over all going on around a year. I did the Machbot 2.0 all from scratch including the textures. I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get the models from Twisted Metal. I finally figured out how to manually extract the mesh. But the only problem was it was not UV mapped. So i pretty much had to go back in and remap everything. Which wasn't hard but the assembling of the model itself was a challenge. I did the best I could at placing stuff where it goes I'm sure there are things that are incorrect. All in all it was for this one render. Not sure if my models can be used as game assets but i do want to eventually make this into a fighting game. Both vehicles and bots. Let me know what you think and thank you for checking out my work.
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