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  1. chimchooree

    GameDev Challenge - Frogger - Part 3

    If you are feeling bogged down by your project, it's probably time to refactor your code.
  2. Thank you for all the replies. I guess the main split is between iterative and waterfall lifecycles, and it's popular to adopt Agile's principles. People vary process based on what stage of production or which team they are in. I guess it's more descriptive to say my process is iterative with week-long sprints. My husband is my project manager, since he has experience. On Saturday, I have a little meeting with him to explain what I accomplished over the week, what went well, and what I struggled with. Then we decide on what I should do next, write them as specific, testable technical requirements and rate them by difficulty. Then, keeping the difficulties in mind, we choose which points I should do over the next week. I'll work on them until Saturday. If the process isn't working for me, I adjust it as part of the meeting in-line with Agile just like frob describes. I've only used this process for a month. On past smaller C# and flash games, I did waterfall.
  3. I'm mostly following AGILE, but it's the only software development methodology I know. Do we know what methodologies are used by the AAA guys like EA and Ubisoft? Which ones are popular among indie devs?
  4. chimchooree

    How early to begin marketing?

    How do I know when it's not, though? What should be done first? Or at least when have you started and how did it go?
  5. I am a few weeks into making my first "real" game and want to take it somewhat seriously. It'll be a single player top-down dungeon crawler RPG for PC. At what stage should I start marketing? From observation, sales benefit from building a customer base during development, but starting too early can cause customers to lose interest and showing unfinished assets/ideas can mar reputation. I also have that irrational fear someone's going to steal my ideas if I share them, but I'll get over it. When should you start putting your concept/aesthetic, code snippets, mechanics, gameplay footage, etc out there? Do you share in relation to when your content is presentable or your release schedule? As for where I'm at ~ I am still building the skeleton of my game, so there's lots of features but no substance or levels yet. The art is 100% placeholder. My concept is fleshed out, and I could give an elevator pitch for it. I'm beginning concept art, so I'll also have some aesthetic ready to share soon. I've been keeping a day-by-day journal of my activities and ideas, so I'll have plenty of content to rework into a developer's diary and marketing whenever it's okay to show people. It's probably early, but I want to start planning. Any perspectives are welcome! I'm mostly looking to learn from others' experience.
  6. chimchooree

    Dungeon Girls

    Album for Dungeon Girls
  7. chimchooree

    Cat Store

    Album for Cat Store
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