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  1. Sergey-Kh

    Can't get antialiased picture from Direct3D

    I finally get the desired picture! The texture-aliasing issue was in D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC setup code. There was a typo around MinLOD, MaxLOD members. Because of that sampler was prevented from using any MIP level other than 1 (which is yet too large in most cases in the scene). As soon as I resolved this, both trilinear and anisotropic filtering gave predictable, smooth results. Thanks all.
  2. Sergey-Kh

    Can't get antialiased picture from Direct3D

    I've just tried to switch to anisotropic filtering (D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC::Filter is D3D11_FILTER_ANISOTROPIC now and D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC::MaxAnisotropy is 1). Now, it doesn't help with texture aliasing either Okay, I've just figured the reason of this stairs effect: The reason is that I passed the same width and height values for CreateWindow WinApi function, and for DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC::BufferDesc. Meanwhile, these should be different because CreateWindow takes *outer* width and height of a window to create (window rectangle), while BufferDesc should receive *inner* values (window client area rectangle). Because of that actual area on screen was *smaller* than swap chain buffer and the result of rendering was presumably resampled to fit the rectangle, which was introducing the aliasing after MSAA was already applied. Fixing the issue gave a much cleaner result (4x MSAA is applied here): But the question with texture aliasing is still open:
  3. I'm taking my first steps in programming with Direct3D. I have a very basic pipeline setup, and all I want to get from it is an antialiased smooth image. But I get this: First, I can't get rid of stair effect though I have 4x MSAA enabled already in my pipeline (DXGI_SAMPLE_DESC::Count is 4 and Quality is 0): And second, I get this noisy texturing though I have mipmaps generated and LINEAR filtering set in the sampler state. Am I missing something or doing wrong? I would appreciate any advice on that. Here is my code: 1) Renderer class: 2) Vertex shader: 3) Pixel shader: Thank you in advance!
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