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  1. In addition, I should mention that under Unity, I don't see a 2D tutorial. I hope I don't have to unlearn what I sponged under a 3D configuration. I guess it's good to learn 3D first?
  2. Hey thank you Rutin. I've decided to test the waters under the Unity platform, because it offers a 2D option that can segue into 3D if I decide to go that route. Perhaps there's a separate control mechanism between 2D vs 3D, and may not be as beginner-friendly, but I'd imagine if I'm going to learn how to program a VG, why not learn the hard way, or the relatively more difficult way? Besides, there has to be limitations when interfacing with ready-made commands versus learning how to code those commands? I guess the better question is does it matter that I learn code, because how you execute the game is how you execute it. There have been a handful of games under GameStudio that have found commercial success, despite the non-use of coding. Surely there's more you can do when you manually write a script; or has every possible, or more or less pertinent, command been considered under GameStudio, or even this Unity option to allow pre-made commands for game objects?
  3. A few more questions. What are its limitations? What's the difference between GM and other 2D platforms, besides the pricing? Would you recommend using GM's language over other languages? And If I wanted to expand the game, would GM be a flexible option? I know, a lot of questions...sorry.
  4. My biggest worry are two-fold: when using the {A} GameMaker free trial, or temporarily upgrading to "Creator Mac", how will the transition be from those two, for lack of better word, function facilities, to {B} "GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile", where it appears I'll have access to the mobile market; will {A}'s creation be wholly transferred to {B}'s facilities? In addition, what will be my financial forecast post-smart license, i.e. the current $199 investment, as far as marketing my app, or offering features within the app such as a community of online play via 1 v 1 battle matches? Lastly, what are some things to look out for in respect to Apple, Android, and Amazon, but specially Apple, when it comes to putting my app *fingers crossed* into their market, as far as finances or legalities are concerned? Ps...as the forum sub-group states, I am indeed a noob when it comes to creating a game, let alone the legal/business side of pushing an application, so if there's anything I should know as I embark on this, please humble me.
  5. In the future, if I wanted to convert my online game to an app, would this be possible?
  6. Having zero-baseline knowledge of how to create an online video game, besides a free software to create 8-bits on my MacBook, I'm interested in creating a version of the free online game Age of War, with little money as possible. Certainly, you'd require more particulars, but to begin, I want my 2-D game to be no more complex than Age of War. I'd imagine there's a few resources out there, but I'm oblivious to where. And feel free to humble me, I want to learn the ropes.
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