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  1. New instrumental track out. Thx for your support.
  2. Thanks ! We have posted new track on YT.
  3. Uff, in this case, the next track will not be so soon. I need more, more time. I can work on music just at the weekend, because of full-time job. My audience on youtube didnt earn even $2 since 2016. My biggest problem is about marketing, i tried FB groups, Twitter, soundloud, myspace, sending my content to tens of youtubers, feeling like spammer, but no feedback at all. However, you are the first guy, who really helps me in particular details. I appreciate that man. You´re a pro.
  4. ptietz : wow man, i am wondered about your feedback. Thank you for taking time.
  5. I am really pleased for your advices. We also make horrorcore rap with my vocalist at: I will be honored If you take a time to criticize my vocal mastering
  6. Thanks for your feedback men. I didnt know, that i mislead about the genre. "Orchestral/Cinematic Music Composition" would be better ?
  7. Hi all, (edited by mod) Youtube channel: * All songs on this channel are composed / produced by me thx for any feedback / critic
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