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  1. It began when i was a young kid, i chose solitarity over hanging out with others. I loved creating little strategy games on paper and then cutting out pieces with paper health bars and all the stats written down. Then i've made a few games out of my favorite movies like star wars. Then i got the computer, which gave me the reason to play every possible game there is, now over the years i've noticed the pattern in how the games are made, i wanted to know how exactly this world is made. So i have picked up programming basics so i can understand reality more. It made sense that we create games mirroring the life itself, so to this day i am focusing my creativity on ideas that could somehow change the world. I don't believe that one person can change the world, but withthe help of other individuals we can learn to develop much better systems like we do already in the world. That was the inner drive that lead to learning to code my first app
  2. Gustie

    How to avoid bugs

    When the architect designs a building he is not thinking about the bugs the building will have someday. He deals with the designing part. The construction agency then works on a building. First bugs in architecture can lead to construction workers adding more bugs in laying materials. Now that you have the building, you will want to put properties inside of it. You will make bugs choosing appliances. What i mean by that metaphor, is as you have said, there will be bugs in everything a person does. Yes, you can try to foresee, plan the structure to the point where it is unproductive to do so. Most productive is not to try and think about the upcoming bugs, but to have your first releases and working prototypes, and only then deal with the bugs. It's like in life, dealing with problems. You can't simply oversee every variable in life 😆 ❤️
  3. Oh thank you, honestly i was only aware of the PC and web development part. That's a surprise how the simple stuff can be overlooked >_> I haven't done anything cross-platform related myself, only web development and played with the android apps a little. Well it supports like every possible useful platform you can think of haha
  4. Anything web related would work for you just fine. Initial game on web platform should be enough for starters and Game Maker Studio 2 as everyone said would work. But if you're planning to have a cross-platform implementation for your game in the future (ze fuuuutuuuuure :O) i'd go for Unity or unreal engine, even though it is an overkill. Anyway, my personal opinion - i prefer web development as it's more easier to implement and find the testers.
  5. Gustie

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    The worst time is always the start of a new project... As many times as i've said to myself to prepare the skeleton blueprints for the stuff i have to do again uhh.. While the content and expansion part i enjoy the most, early stages of the core prototype development is a grinding work.
  6. Gustie

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    As long as there is demand there will be something to fill the gap in the economy of all the people. Thus, "Trumpism" will last as long as there is a meme about it, hyped up groups and it works like in every industry. Whenever they notice it falling down in popularity, they push for a new agenda to spice up the narrative and people who are stiff now jumps in hype again. Again, there wouldn't be anyone in power if people didn't give them power. Demand gives power to those who notice it.
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