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  1. Creativityy Everythingg

    Enchanted Land

    Enchanted Land is a spellbinding battling, location-based MMORPG set in the most amazing environment ever created - the Earth itself. Choose your own customized character and trek upon an unforgettable journey. Release the mighty spells by concocting simple formulas and battle magical creatures and other players in a strategic combat zone. Earn experience, level up and unlock more spell recipes, better equipment and other skill perks. Walk to encounter creatures and collect ingredients, learn spells, brew potions, find mighty objects and fight other players to earn power and strength.While the world is a stage, you are the lead performer.PLEASE NOTE. The game includes optional in-app purchases. A network connection is required. Requirement. Latest Android phone OS. PLANNED FEATURES:● Ranked PVP. Duel other players in a long (global matchmaking) or a short-distance mode (local duels). ● Non-combat skills● Several spells with different effects● Various equipment pieces with different quality, unique stats and set-bonuses● Slot spell deck allowing for strategy and tactics● Champions
  2. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Friday Facts #4

    I'm still working on the inventory system and I'm also going to have a buying system where you can purchase supplies for spells. I have the characters in motion . I've also got the messaging system working where you can send images and text messages. Support me on Patreon:
  3. Creativityy Everythingg


    Hello, Here I am again with a handful of fresh news from the Enchanted Land back stage. The even better news is that it will be my birthday tomorrow, so there will be a reason to celebrate :). I have some of the interactivity such as adding/deleting friends, etc. programmed. Now I'm going to start programming the messaging system, which users will be able to send images and text.
  4. Creativityy Everythingg

    Progress Delay

    Im not able to post an update because of a power outage 😢
  5. Creativityy Everythingg

    Friday Facts #3

    Hello everyone, this is the third Enchanted Land weekly update. It is scary how fast the week went by. The summer is almost gone. I spent the week fixing the character selection and scripting networking functionality. The bugfixes were mostly finished. In the end I managed to do that on Tuesday night, after a full day of work on fixing small issues:). After the hectic release I spent the next day trying to relax a bit and put plans together for the next iteration. More or less the plan is now clear. There are three priorities: New terrain New main campaign - Having multiple levels. Trailer Ideas . Here is the progress on one of the main scenes:
  6. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Friday Facts #2

    Hello everyone, Another thing that has kept me busy for a while has been putting up the official website. It is up and running! Here is the link: I've also been working on the character spawner which is a tedious task because of notable noise in the final animation. The resulting animation is imho worth it. Also I've worked on other small issues that I've been putting off for a while. Things like: slowdown particles, underground objects indication and finally the remnants after destroyed objects. These are especially useful because as a player you can see what has been destroyed when you've been attacked.
  7. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity New Achievement

    The login/register screen is completely finished. Now I'm working on the character selection screen. The game is coming along nicely! 👌🏽😁
  8. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Friday Facts #1

    Hello, This is a first blog post from the "Fun Friday Facts" series. Every Friday I will sum up the weekly progress here. This will include insights into what I have been working on, what is planned, sometimes art sneak peeks of course occasional fun facts from Indie game developers live. All right, let's have a look at what I have been up to in the past week. The single point of focus for me has been finishing the login/register screen. This piece has taken the most development time so far because there was a LOT of work to be done:) Now, I'm starting to work on other parts of the game (character selection, scene layout, etc.) but their results will be well visible in the game. I've added a skybox and begun work on character selection/animation.
  9. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Deadlines flying by

    I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. Douglas Adams The code and functionality for the login/register screen is pretty much there in place. However I'm still working on the graphics. It takes time and gets frustrating, but I carry on. Just to stay on the safe side I won't mention any more deadlines, even though I still have some internally :). As for the work on the game itself I'm continuing along exhausting paths full of fighting bugs and adding small improvements. Recently I focused quite a bit on speed improvements as well. I'm also going to start coding the social media/guest login functionality.
  10. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Coding till 4 am

    Hi guys ! Here is another update on the progress in making the game reality for you. Again huge amount of things has happened since the last post. I am putting my energy into shipping the full release before X-mas as promised. If necessary I'm ready to put in couple of all-nighters as well. At the moment coding sessions lasting till 4 am in the morning are becoming more and more frequent. People sleep, cats scout the dark streets and I'm sitting by the computer fixing bugs and tuning the tutorial Recently I have spent quite some time with the web server php pages as well. The whole registration/login will be hosted on a php server and I'm slowly discovering the possibilities it gives me. Right now I'm designing the registration/login page, programming social media login functionality, etc I'm always looking for ways to improve game controls and make the interaction for the player as seamless as possible. Now it is quite easy to organize the players inventories using filter slots, crafting is less tedious thanks to automatic interproducts crafting and there is a nice shortcut to view what is going on in machines visible on the screen (like what is in the chest, which items are being processed by furnaces, etc.). I personally feel that every such improvement, even though small in itself, adds to the playing experince.
  11. Creativityy Everythingg

    Unity Setting Up-I've just begun

    At the moment the game is in development. There will be a tutorial campaign on Facebook which will be available soon. KW Development is doing all this without any external support. This means that KW Development doesn't get paid and have to finance all the expenses myself (mostly graphics). So stay alert, it will probably be flying out before X-mas. As you have probably noticed, quite some content on this page looks rather funny. Like screenshots, video, half finished pages, etc. Please bear with KW Development, I'm working on it
  12. Creativityy Everythingg

    Enchanted Land

    Album for Enchanted Land
  13. Creativityy Everythingg

    Enchanted Land

    Album for Enchanted Land
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