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  1. 1024

    Model Loading Beginner.

    If you have multiple textures, you need to have multiple samplers in your shader. Then in the shader you will calculate the final color by somehow combining all the samplers. So you need to have multiple different shaders for meshes with different numbers of textures. (Although, there are some more advanced ways to avoid that, but I would say that they are too advanced to worry about them right now ) When you load a mesh, you remember how many textures it has, and then when it's time to draw it, you use the right shader to draw it.
  2. You don't need a two dimensional array here. You only need an (one-dimensional) array of dynamic_pfl, and you can access the structs with arr_dynamic_pf[0].x, arr_dynamic_pf[1].x and so on. The entire struct (all the fields) are one element of the array, so you have only one dimension (the level number)
  3. The force you are looking for is the centripetal force. Here's an article that has the formula for the minimum speed needed to complete the loop, it may help: https://www.dummies.com/education/science/physics/calculate-the-velocity-necessary-to-counteract-gravity-in-a-loop/
  4. 1024

    Not even a beginner yet...

    Using stick men and similar simple art is so common it has a name: Programmer art
  5. 1024

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Daily bonuses exist to make players open the game (and play it) every day. Because of that, bonuses increase with every consecutive day that the player opens the game: day2 bonus is greater than day1 bonus, day3 bonus is even greater and so on. As a punishment* for skipping a day, daily bonuses are reset back to day1. If you don't reset the bonuses, players will not have the incentive to come back every day. *It's not really a punishment, it's a lower reward, but practically it's the same thing
  6. 1024

    Not even a beginner yet...

    That is only if you want to do all of it yourself. You could also hire an artist (or a programmer, or both) to work with you. While you are learning, you can also use art from the Internet, just make sure to not use it when you decide to make a real game.
  7. 1024

    Procedural lake floor

    You could use the distance from the shore. When near the shore, use more sand (and less water) in the texture. When further from the shore, use less sand. At some distance stop using sand and you have "deep water".
  8. 1024

    Fragment Position

    @Zakwayda It looks like it's based on learnopengl.com: https://learnopengl.com/Lighting/Basic-Lighting @babaliaris There is a step between vertex and fragment shaders called rasterization, where triangles are broken into fragments. Look up the graphics pipeline. Here's an excerpt from http://duriansoftware.com/joe/An-intro-to-modern-OpenGL.-Chapter-1%3a-The-Graphics-Pipeline.html The relevant part here is that "the vertex shader's varying outputs are also interpolated across the rasterized surface of each triangle", which means that the fragment shader is called more times than the vertex shader, and aPos from the vertex output will be interpolated into multiple values for multiple fragment shader calls.
  9. 1024

    Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

    You are missing the point. In this context, "believable" does not mean "physically accurate". On the contrary, to average Joes (which are the target audience here), "believable" means "anything but physically accurate". This is why every* space game out there has ships that move like they are actually in air, water or both. But you already know all this * almost every, but close enough, you know what I mean So, since ships have unlimited fuel, unrealistic speeds, and they move in straight lines, all you need to do to save yourself the calculation trouble, and keep the motion "faux-believable" is to make planets move way slower than ships, and then correct the ships' trajectory when they enter the system or whenever. If you have hyperspace lanes or jumps, you can even rotate the exit point in a system together with the planets, and make everything play exactly like when it was static. Except that it moves. Which is good, because the aforementioned average Joe will say "Oh look, this game even has planets rotating, so realistic!"
  10. It won't help you? Why not? Think about this: you have your dream game idea, right? Now tell me, do you want your dream game to be made by some beginner with no experience whatsoever? Of course you don't. You don't even want your forum question to be answered by someone with no experience. Your dream game deserves to be made by someone who knows what they are doing. So go do something else, make "a lot of small games first", get experience, stop being a beginner, and once you know what you are doing, then go make your dream game. Plus, since you will not care that much about the small games, you can use them to learn, experiment, and make all the mistakes that you will not make later. All in all, they definitely will help you.
  11. 1024

    Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

    @Vilem Otte You mention things like delta-v, Hohmann transfers and transfer windows. This may be believable to Kerbal Space Program players, but to everyone else it is nonsense. The space in space 4X games is there just as a backdrop. The only reason you would even consider rotating planets around the star (rotating and not orbiting ) is the layman's expectation of "well, planets rotate, right?", with minimum gameplay effects possible. I stand by the opinion that your sentence "If you'd start moving planets around the star you would need to introduce physics - the concepts of gravitational based motion for planetary bodies" is incorrect
  12. 1024

    About Copying Game Mechanic...

    You may not be able to copyright a game mechanic, but you sure can patent elements of games. Some typical examples that are (or were) patented include "minigames during loading screens", "Mass Effect dialogue wheel", "the Crazy Taxi arrow above your car that shows you where to turn", "Katamari rolling and picking up stuff" etc. Be careful when you say "Oh, it can't be protected, just do it yourself"
  13. 1024

    Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

    This is just plain incorrect. Adding full orbital mechanics to a typical "TwoDSpace" game is overkill, and definitely not necessary to make planets rotate. --- Are you planning to make just the planets rotate, and not stars too? I assume you are working on a galactic scale here. If you were to move stars as well, that would be too much of a mess. Assuming you have only a couple planets per star, making them rotate shouldn't be an issue, as long as they are not rotating too fast. Travel times don't need to be an issue either, if you make all planets rotate at the same speed, so they always stay at the same distances. (That is unrealistic, but so is everything else) And it will look pretty, you get to be called "the game that actually has rotating planets" The only issue left is interstellar travel. If your travelling ships always enter the system from the same side (if you have hyperspace lanes or some sort of straight-line travel), your battles may happen differently depending on where the planets are. That may be a good or a bad thing. If you have more control over your fleet movement, you can choose from which side to enter the system when you get there, depending on where the planets are. Overall you can make it have as much or as little gameplay effect as you want.
  14. 1024

    Maps - showing player?

    You didn't mention what kind of a game it is. If orienteering and looking at the environment is a core part of the game, then an unmarked map could be a good idea. If the map is "just" a navigational aid (which is... all other games), trying to figure out where on the map you are is just an inconvenience standing between the player and "getting where they want to go so they can do the stuff they wanted to do", which is the purpose of the map in the first place If you are making a game about reading the map, it could be useful to let the player draw on the map, or put markers on the map, or something like that. Forcing the player to remember their position on the map at all times without writing it down somehow can also be frustrating.
  15. One more thing: in your test, did all of your pawns calculate a path at the same time? And then all of them updated their paths at the same time after 2 seconds? This is usually not the way it will work in-game. Different pawns will move at different times, so you will have less path calculations at the same time than you have pawns.
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