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  1. At this point it's no longer two games. Instead it is one game that contains both games within it. It is highly unlikely (I would even say "impossible") that two games from two different companies are compatible enough that they can be combined into one game like that. One viable scenario that I can think of is that the first game has a feature (the portal, for example) that shuts down the game and runs the other one, possibly with some server to server magic that causes the other game to acknowledge that you came from the first game when it starts. But you would still have to wait for the game to shut down, return to desktop, loading of the second game, possibly logging in to it, it wouldn't be as immersive as "step into a portal and end up in another game".
  2. 1024

    whatsapp security

    @Tom Sloper I don't think someone asked OP to give them their account credentials, but rather to give them their user id (as in "add them as a contact"). OP is asking if there is any danger in giving your contact to an unknown person. I don't use whatsapp, but I guess it would mean giving them their phone number and allowing them to send them messages/files, like any other chat app.
  3. 1024

    New trailer feedback!

    Since you revived the thread, I would like to offer some more feedback. My very first impression was "too much fog, too visually busy, I don't understand anything". It was only scenes after 11 seconds that started making sense. (For example, the scene at 19 seconds also has a lot of fog, but the boxes have more contrast so it's possible to figure out what is going on) Other than that, I understood that it's a game where boxes move on an assembly line, and the player interacts with parts of the assembly line to make them pass safely. However, I did not understand the gameplay itself: There were some arrows (that reminded me of other games, so they were familiar), and some lasers and crushers and alarms and bells and whistles, and I couldn't figure out what they did. I feel like there was more focus on "there's explosions when you mess up" and not enough focus on doing things correctly (and showing how the mechanisms are used correctly) Of course, these were only first impressions after watching the trailer once, after watching it a couple more times some things are more clear (but still not clear enough), but that's the point: if the first impression is negative, the viewer won't bother coming back for another watch
  4. With presets and delays. If you allow the GM to prepare in advance, and/or have a selection of generic preset encounters, the GM will be able to drop in some filler rooms for the players to work through while the GM works on the custom parts. Also, they can include things like puzzles, "defend the area" timed sections, or loadout changes, to delay players and give them more time. For example, Left 4 Dead had several "defend while waiting for something to happen" sections to slow down the pacing.
  5. 1024

    Save-scamming in turnbased game?

    Regarding 2., as @jbadams noted, if the player knows that the outcome is deterministic (and they will know when they try savescumming ), they will then do another kind of savescumming: save the game, try to spy, if it fails reload and don't try to spy at all. There is an alternative approach to this that goes in the other direction: increase the randomness (insert the insanity wolf meme here ) If spying is not the only random thing in the turn, but also resource production, battle outcomes, random events and everything else, then reloading a save will make the player lose all the good rolls that they got, just to save one bad roll (the spy roll). If you make enough rolls per turn, and make some of them be good and some of them bad, the player could get discouraged from trying to roll until they get all of the good rolls. And another solution, one that is very user-unfriendly: make saving and loading as tedious as possible. Don't give the player any quicksave/quickload options, and make the loading be long and slow, and load the whole game state from scratch without any caching. If the player has to waste minutes loading the game multiple times just to save one spy, they will just give up
  6. 1024

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    This is wrong. What else would you associate with mushroom biomes if not Minecraft? The huge popularity of Minecraft makes it that people associate even the word "biome" alone with it, not to mention other terms that are less-used elsewhere but gained popularity through Minecraft. The truth is, Minecraft is so hugely popular that any block-based game is going to get the "another Minecraft clone" reaction first. If some bureaucrat out there who doesn't know any better is refusing to take your game seriously because of it, that is unfortunate, but you have to deal with that. What you could do is focus on the differences between the two games. For example, your website only has three screenshots, and all those screenshots look like they are made in Minecraft. If the guy from the payment processor looked at those screenshots, it's understandable that they thought it's just another Minecraft clone. Even though you know it isn't, that's not enough, it needs to be obvious to everyone else too.
  7. What's wrong with just calling it "a game"? Does it sound too simple if it doesn't have a tech-sounding name? Are developers afraid that they won't be taken seriously unless they are making "something bigger than that"? These things are supposed to be reusable, right? I propose a limitation: you can't call your game code "an engine" until you use it to make more than one game. Until then, it is "just" a game. And there is nothing wrong in just making a game.
  8. Or it could be that they just call what they built "a game engine" I strongly disagree with this. Given the kind of game engines we have today, I think that "code that runs your game loop" should not be called "a game engine". And yet, for anyone making a game without using an existing game engine the favorite thing to say is "hey, so I'm making my own little game engine..." when in fact what they are making is "a game". Game engines today come with asset pipelines and visual editors and middleware support and a whole other bunch of stuff that I can't remember Putting them in the same basket with single-game specific boilerplate code feels wrong. I believe there should be a distinction between the two, so that we can properly use the age-old "write games, not engines" advice. For an experienced programmer who wants to make a game, there is nothing wrong with doing that by mashing together libraries and frameworks, and writing code that will be suitable to run their (one) game. The "don't" part comes when they try to make a generic all-purpose game engine without ever making a game using it (or worse, instead of ever making a game with it), all that without having any requirements or real-world experience in mind. So yeah, if you are a programmer and want to make a game without using a game engine, go ahead and do so. Just don't call it a game engine, ever That will just attract unwanted attention. For a better than mine look at the same subject, read Write games, not engines. It is/was the most commonly quoted advice for beginners. But because it was referred to so many times, people stopped reading the article and just try to deduce the meaning from the title alone. Make sure to read the whole thing, not just the title
  9. It appears that new members often post in the "Critique and Feedback" forum without realizing that it is a subforum of the "Visual Arts" forum. So they post as if it is a general feedback forum. I suggest that the forum is renamed to address this issue. I don't know which name would be appropriate, maybe something like "Art Critique and Feedback"; it's a small difference but it should clear any confusion.
  10. 1024

    Need feedback for GDD

    Your document can't be opened without signing in and requesting permission. Many people won't bother doing that.
  11. Maybe you should focus on the magical bag (unlimited inventory space!) as the highlight, in addition to the "standard" equip weight system on party members. Then you can use a standard name and a "but wait, there's more" twist.
  12. If the only thing you are doing is replacing blue with red, all you need to do is to rewire the colors from your input color to your output color: outputColor.r = inputColor.b outputColor.g = inputColor.g outputColor.b = inputColor.r This should also take care of shades of blue and turn them to shades of red, as long as you only have shades of one color. In general, if you start with an input color of (0,0,x), you need to put x in the right place in the output color. (x,0,0) for red, (x,x,0) for yellow and so on.
  13. Usually everyone has their own game idea, that they think is great (just like you ). So if they work for free anyway, they will work on their idea, and not yours. Unless they think that the idea is extremely good and they like it more than their own ideas. What you wrote is not enough to be called "a game idea". You just described some characters. A full game idea has a lot more than that (gameplay, for starters)
  14. 1024

    Games with programming mechanics

    The simplest way to explain it is that an interpreter is a program that takes some code, pretends to run it and calculates what the output would be. Games that allow you to program with real languages (such as Screeps) could include an interpreter in their code. Since the code still needs to be run, it will take time to do that. The more complicated the code, the more time will take, as usual. I think Screeps limits players' CPU time and allows them to buy more.
  15. You get that message only when profiling but not when running regularly? That should not happen. Unfortunately, I can't help you with that, but something must be wrong in the way you set it up.
  16. Are you sure the problem is not in the shaders? If changing your window size affects the performance so much, maybe your fragment shader is doing something slowly. Other than that, have you tried profiling your program? That may help to determine if the bottleneck is on CPU or GPU side.
  17. 1024

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Some games continue giving the maximum reward and some reset the cycle. It depends on the type of rewards and how the game economy is set up. For example: If a game gives gold as rewards, and the rewards go "day 1: 100 gold, day 2: 200 gold, ... day 7: 700 gold", the game could continue to give 700 gold for next consecutive days. If the game gives gold on day 1, some rare item at day 3 and an epic legendary item at day 7, such a game would probably reset to day 1 again, instead of giving legendary items every day.
  18. Player levels are not pointless, even with scaling. They also allow for spell unlocks and possibly equipment gating. And also psychological things, such as progression and short term goals. It's not like the only point of leveling is to increase your stats, so that increasing enemy stats would negate it completely.
  19. If the content does scale with the player, it doesn't have to scale 1:1 with them. For example, it your combat features a combo system, it wouldn't be fun if the player becomes so powerful that they one-shot everyone and can't use combos anymore. In that case it would make sense to buff the enemies a little: make them tough enough that the combos are still needed, but weak enough to still allow the player to wipe the floor with them. Similarly in a traditional JRPG: if the player grinds up levels so high that the first attack of the first turn wipes all the enemies, that's just not fun, even for fans of power-leveling. But if the new enemies can last a couple turns against the party, but still go down quickly, that allows the power-leveled player to unleash all the moves that they grinded for, which causes more satisfaction.
  20. OK, how about a high-profile game: List Of Pop Culture References in Sunset Overdrive. The list is huge, and it's not even complete. Since we're talking about a seriously large game by a serious large studio, it's hard to imagine that they just hoped no one would notice. It's also hard to imagine that they went and acquired all the IP licences, that sound like it would be too expensive given the sheer number of different high-profile IPs. Or is there maybe a "licence to use [the IP] as an easter egg" that is cheaper and more easily obtainable than the "regular IP licence"?
  21. 1024

    Pollution mechanic (4X)

    How about pollution as an "overdrive" mecahnic: A planet can handle pollution fine with normally working industry, but then you are allowed to "boost" the production at the cost of extra pollution. Not for individual planets, but maybe systems or all of them at once. Then, after the boost period, you can take care of the extra pollution by lowering the production or investing in cleanup or some other way. Basically, have a "turbo button" for your producation when you need it, and have pollution be a cooldown/recharge period for it. It's a common game mechanic, and it can be done globally with no micromanagement.
  22. Another resource to consider are the ThinMatrix animation tutorials. It's a video tutorial with a very nice explanation of all the concepts involved in skeletal animation.
  23. OpenGL 3.3 was released 9 years ago. Am I missing some joke here? That would be useful. Specifically, show the part of the code that sets up the camera matrix and the part of the code that sets up the gun matrix. And the shader that draws the gun. If it's not too big, best would be to show all of the code.
  24. Maybe you can have the player do the same thing (or a similar thing) multiple times, each time with choices, but they have to pick a different option every time. This way it still feels like a choice, but they go through all options. Or you could make each situation have one option (a different each time) be better than others, and let the player min-max through all of them themselves. Players like to pick the optimum/overpowered option, and they feel good about doing it. Edit: Another thought: "designing a game to teach people" is kind of like designing tutorials in games. Some game tutorials are fun (and some not so much), and they all have certain knowledge (game mechanics) that they have to go through. You may want to look into designing game tutorials for more ideas.
  25. 1024

    Better name for "Battle Group"

    If "Battle Group" is a good name but too long, how about just "Group"?
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