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  1. I would definitely recommend Unity, once you get the hang of the UI and the general workflow, it's easier to get accustomed than wit hthe game maker studio 2, that is my humble opinion tough, other members might correlate on that. I haven't had much experience with GMS2 by the way, i jumped right into Unity a while back, so i might be biased (trying not to though). Both offers wide cross-platform capabilities, it looks easier to work with the models in Unity for me that makes it my preference for the most part. I hope you do find this helpful
  2. 2D or 3D does not matter in my opinion, i have started with 2D just to learn the flow and grow closer to working on games as before i was doing a lot of system engineering, working with algorithms and seemingly tedious work, game dev gave more of a breathing space and creativity. But the first thing you need to focus is the general idea on what you want to achieve, and work on the first prototype so you have something actually that works and is playable. For the textures i would use existing or stock images, nothing fancy, just to get a grip of how the game development works, the most important stuff, you will always have time later to update the graphics. By the way, it takes longer to design the game looks that it is to code the logic part.
  3. Little background: What i am doing sometimes when i have a hefty amount of money saved from the work i do, i like acquiring finished apps from devs. The promotion part depends on the game itself and what audience you want. I usually make a landing page and buy some ads on adwords, trying to focus more on the first campaign researching the audience, and then retargeting so i get the cheaper installs per impression amount. Also finding influencers on youtube or instagram to promote your game is a more faster way to get some hype from the audience. For everything to work, you have to look for some info on how to setup the keywords and rank your game in google play itself. Once this part is done, you shouldn't have any problems getting your app in weekly tops if it has replayability and general substance of a gameplay
  4. Rentos

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    My mind jumps out of the head when you get the task to rewrite the whole code, because to my surprise someone hardcoded everything without possibility to extend content, or some other poor design way lol I understand it though, when i make first prototypes and i want fast results, it's not always good to modulise everything if that's the correct word for making the prototype extendable in content and features.
  5. Rentos

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    It's a fairly tough subject to comment on, but i believe as long as there are unclear political warfare in the country, it will might last forever. I think that right now a lot of public do not know what happens behind the scenes and Trump acts as spokesman to someone. Personally i know that a lot of other politicians are also speaking up, it's just happens that he speaks louder and people listen to what they can hear over the others. Gotta agree on someone here said about demand and the answer to it is why we have trumpism
  6. I usually start with a simple design idea that covers the core principle of the game i'm making, and then it naturally evolves to a huge problem of overcomplicated ideas, too big for a single dev to handle. That is a big problem for me when i need the last push to finish at least some working prototype and reading books helps for me. I read a lot of self improvement books and they give some motivation overcoming obstacles. It goes away with the practice over the years, i'm getting there, much easier to get out of my own way these days. In short, try reading some books on self improvement or just write out the main points, leave it there and do some physical exercises, i find that it helps to focus
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