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  1. McDev

    How to find freelancers?

    Finding them is easy, but choosing the right one is hard. I can only suggest to spend enough time and don't pick the first one who replies to your offer. Make sure that your needs are defined in detail. This is a great summary of tips (not only for artists): https://meltdowninteractive.com/2019/01/27/tips-for-hiring-and-working-with-artists-in-game-development/
  2. McDev

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    You talk about tiling a texture inside the shader with an atlas texture right? My attempts on doing so caused some artifacts as on the edge there is no texture sampling anymore. I was using the modulo operator for that. But that was years ago, are there better solutions nowadays?
  3. McDev

    Need pathfinding idea feedback

    For a big map it can be beneficial to divide the grid in chunks. Because it can limit the amount of pathfinding iterations. The suggestion of Wyrframe seems fine, including placing additional portals to divide the map, but it sounds less flexible. Depends on the number of open areas and maps you are about to make. If you just divide the map in a regular grid and pre-calculate the connection between each chunk then you end up with a small network which serves as the first pass of your pathfinding, this one will be super fast. For example this is like navigating over which countries you travel on a world trip. You could even enhance this and consider the shortest distance (From A to C over B) in the pre-calculation process. Here is why that could be interesting: Next you can calculate the exact path by only using the tiles which belong to these chunks. Here is an example of something similar in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMBQn_sg7DA
  4. You started to be negative, impolite and arrogant as reaction to a harmless and informative post. This is why you get these reactions. There is no answer to this, what is best depends on the development team, budget and time. Of course you get different answers; every Programmer is different and has different experiences. Nobody here has a clue what your game really is like and without reading your concept and asking 1000 questions nobody can judge the scope and requirements of your project. Yet alone if you are willing to spend 10k or 500k. You need someone that has experience and a track record of shipped titles, ideally similar to your project. The more you are willing to spend the higher the chances are that it will work out well. But to find that one is up to you, it can be like roulette. I know you don't want to read it but having "0 experience" is the #1 reason projects like yours will fail. It is not about if it is theoretically possible to achieve a complex project with a few people or if the concept is actually good. Projects fail because the lack of experience in handling them. If you have never completed a project the chances are high that you make wrong decisions. Communication is a big issue which is often underestimated. Bringing your ideas into the heads of your team can be harder than you might think. Also Programmers need to tell you what works and what doesn't within the budget and time frame and when you start being that aggressive to "nay sayers", which good programmers tend to be, it will be disastrous for your project. So my real advice, as someone who has seen many projects failing is: get small games done, maybe work with different people on them. Once you find a team that works well get on to the big dreams. Every step towards finishing a project is a potential pitfall for someone unexperienced and you better fall low.
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