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  1. NeverWing2

    Online Game competition

    There were games I encountered in Google Play. The first one is like a game puzzle where you guys compete and you earn money when your group wins, there is also this one called Joongo where you can earn donuts that was just like money.
  2. NeverWing2

    First Timer

    I hope you don't mind me following this thread. I want a good read regarding MUD construction too.
  3. NeverWing2

    Online Game competition

    I want to ask an example of a skill level game that allow players to win real money while playing? Was it even possible?
  4. NeverWing2

    Calculating Expierence - Logic? Formula?

    interesting pointers here. thank you
  5. NeverWing2

    Ideas for business related with games

    How would you know that video game industry do offer a good amount of money? Have you tried?
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