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  1. nicster

    Self Publishing Advice?

    I would put it up on for free, as you say its not yet complete, and says its in development. This will let people try out your game and hopefully get some feedback, bugs you may not of spotted. You'll have a better idea if once it's complete people would pay 99cents or whatever for it. Cheers
  2. Well it actually was released just before xmas, but only just back to announce, here ☺️ Upheaval is a turned based strategy game, inspired by the 1990 game, Conflict. The goal is to be the last surviving force in the conflict zone. This is done by diplomatic, insurgency and military action. Can you balance your options to survive? Project page created here on GameDev The game is playable, but i have a long way to go. Looking to add lots more features, improve graphics, etc. Any feedback is always welcome. Prototype v0.1.1.4 installer for Windows over on this Itch page Have fun!
  3. nicster


    So what is this game about? Upheaval is inspired by the the classic Amiga game of 1990, Conflict. Conflict was a simple game (straightforward diplomatic and military choices), yet it was quite intense with the political and military drama that arose. It could also be completed in a lunch break, which made it a nice quick distraction. The goal of Upheaval, is to be the last surviving force in the conflict area. This is done by diplomatic, insurgency and military action. Can you balance your options to survive the conflict? Upheaval's initial scenario is an alternative China South Sea Dispute, however my aim is to allow different countries/weapon systems/diplomatic choices via mod support, allowing people to create their own scenarios. What next? I'm constantly working on the game, but the game is currently a solo development. That means progress is slow but steady. Current plans are:- Mod support as mentioned, so can add and modify scenarios. I'm looking for a graphic artist to help improve current placeholder graphics. Hopefully will receive feedback from the community, to improve balancing, ideas and comments. Status. I have a recently released a free prototype on, here:- Upheaval. Hopefully this will develop into a fully functioning game. At which point the game will likely become a paid product and will look to get the game on other platforms (steam, etc.).
  4. Yeah as iltis says, its a little tricky to work out where the the red box is in relation to the current z-level. As well as shadows, other suggestions would be 1) Keep the z selection with the current z-level. Or is that confusing, or limits your actions? 2) Maybe show opaque grey selection boxes above/under the red box to show how many z-levels you are away from the current level Good luck!
  5. Yup, that makes it clearer, thanks. Comments:- The red block, i assume is the cursor/selection, yes? And as you are moving through the z-axis, is this moving as well, or is it always on the selected z axis (sorry tricky to tell)? //The people you have, can you explain what we are seeing as you drop down the z-axis? edit: sorry should read fully before answering - forget the colonists in view Oh and just manually create a mine to see how it looks (hollow out some blocks, and see how it looks). nicster
  6. Hi Chris, Also my first post here, but this is my kind of game i like, so thought id try and give some feedback. Firstly what are we meant to be seeing in those images? is that different layers on the same spot, or just random screenshots? Initially i would suggest what might help, is to actually create a mine in your landscape. Sort of digging down and across at a 45degree angle to different floors. And then maybe post how a couple of images how they appear. (on the same x,y and drop the z on the images). Nicster
  7. nicster


    Album for Upheaval
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