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  1. Learn2develop

    Skill points in tactical rpg?

    I like what you have come up with so far, sounds like you have the ball rolling on where you would like to go with the game. I would combine the both ability points and skills points.
  2. Learn2develop

    Player character categories

    @Scountingninja definitely hit it on the head with his advice. Defense, Damage and Stealth are like the main ones to consider. Butch would also add warning percentage aswell. Have you began development at all, or is this still just on pen and paper?
  3. Learn2develop

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    I wouldn't mind giving you some feedback regarding your sciencefiction game.. what do you have in mind so far, so I can kick some ideas off of it? Looking forward to your response.
  4. Learn2develop

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    I like your way of thinking my friend, seems as if you have a very unique way of coming up with your characters. If I had to choose between the two.. I would stick with the latter.. the warrior monk. It just comes off as appealing to me.
  5. You did a pretty good job of rendering the graphics for your game, how long have you been in game development? To answer your question though, I don't believe that it should be too confusing for the gamers of the newer generation. Especially not a true gamer.
  6. It would be nice if you could elaborate a bit more about your definition of assets, as this could apply to an array of things. I find it intriguing that you're interested in developing a command line game. I would love to see how this turns out, as I haven't played a game of this style in quite some time.
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