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    Do you still play video games?

    I want to admit that for me playing video games was relative to learning game development.. When i lacked understanding how the games were made, i enjoyed them more, and little by little i started noticing patterns. Now i play much less, i feel like the enjoyment in video games is directed by the level of fantasizing and letting go into the world of that game. Now i play games just to learn certain ideas for my own development. I guess that's why it is rare to see something unique system wise. Games are driven by the design and the story now more than new leveling system or other systems.
  2. It's quite possible to use isometric view for a wide pool of ideas. I love how you've rendered the terrain. I've seen semi 3D MMORPGs like this. It does the job well, i've had an idea like this a while ago, to make a "4D" game map like this with the multi dimensional matrix, when you pass certain door at XYZ, certain world parts become visible and others invisible. Now that i think about it, how much harder would be to transform chunky maps into co-joined polygons? To allow various combinations of the landscape.
  3. It's hard to work with someone through online especially when we talk payment options and making it official. First option i've seen is you can contact big companies in your country or locally and if they offer the option to hire one of their groups to work on your ideas for royalties it might be an option. Usually these companies try to buy your ideas and offer you royalties instead, i believe some can be reasoned with. Depends on the negotiation part. Some companies let their dev teams to have side projects they are passionate about, you can also send posters representing your idea and the details, some might want to pick it up after work. At least you'll be getting real developers Edit: oh i understood the question a little differently. A lot of the answer applies too just little reversed
  4. For the beginner it's better to start with any language and pick up the basic theory. I think that books are usually more advanced on the topic. Search for "interactive c++" online, look for some free interactive websites with practical examples, basic theory, and try to make some little apps yourself then. Then moving to books and getting into Unity lessons will do the job. It's like with any foreign language. Learning letters, then making words, then sentences.And at last paragraphs and books which would make sense
  5. These three words really made me think. How many little projects i've done through the years what i would call 'finished'... is actually unfinished? lol Maybe it's finished when you have a definite ending from start to finish... My best guess. But again, what is the finish of any game.. uhh why u do dis
  6. That is so me ❤️ I started out reading books and very similarly to you, used to draw characters in school. Half the notebooks in school would end up sketched with skeletons, little demons and i don't even know what It's so interesting to see how we end up growing up the way we are it all makes sense in the end
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