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  1. When I was looking at studios in Washington state on GameDevMap, it listed The Pokemon Company International (Bellevue, WA) as a "Developer" company. So does that mean the company actually hires people to work on Pokemon game titles?
  2. I didn't mean any disrespect to Treyarch, I was just being facetious. Photo-realism just isn't my preferred style, it's nothing personal. Of course I realize I will have to settle for anything I can get straight out of college, but I'm speaking long term. There has to be a prospect of working on the sorts of games that I'm enthusiastic about for there to be a future for me in that given area (Seattle or Los Angeles). Haha, I'm more introverted myself, so that doesn't sound so bad to me. Plus, I'm not afraid of breaking down walls.
  3. The only reason I don't want to get my education and find a job in two different states, is because it would make dating much harder. I'd have to add "willing to move states at any given moment" to my already long list of standards.
  4. Yeah, I just don't know if it's worth going to Digipen, paying $7000/yr difference for tuition, and staying in the Seattle area after I graduate, all for the off-chance that A) Amazon's endeavors in game development are successful, and B) They develop the sorts of games that I'd be interested in working on--as opposed to going to Gnomon, having my full tuition covered, staying in the LA area, and getting a job at Riot or Blizzard. The only reason I've confined my options of game studios to work for in the Seattle area to Valve and Nintendo of America (maybe ArenaNet) is because I have zero interest in doing photo-realistic art for games like Call of Duty (yuck). I want to work on games that have--at least loosely--Japanese inspired art styles. Hence my interest in games like Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, League of Legends, Overwatch, Guild Wars, and Dota. I'm aware of all the studios in the Seattle Area, but I'm not interested in doing art for games like Destiny or Halo. I want to work on more cartoonish games, especially if they are influenced by the Japanese style of art. That's why I mentioned that I was only interested in working at Valve, Nintendo, or maybe ArenaNet. Because I don't want to do art for photo-realistic FPS's. I'd only have any passion working on a game that had a more cartoonish, especially Japanese, style of art.
  5. (New on this site) How do I reply to someone's comment?
  6. I want to be a game artist, and I'm currently deciding between two universities: Digipen and Gnomon. If I went with Digipen, Valve and Nintendo of America would pretty much be my only AAA studio options in the area for a job. My concern with Nintendo of America is the amount of actual game development they do. I know they have a division for game dev (NST), and have worked on a few obscure titles over the years, but I went to apply on the site, and the only fitting position they had was "Game Development" and didn't even bother distinguishing between art, design, and programming (which worries me). If I were to work for Nintendo, I'd want to be an artist for a title like Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, or Splatoon--and I just don't know how likely that is at Nintendo of America in Redmond. Anybody have any experience/knowledge on this?
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