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  1. Finikiefoe

    Browser Based Game

    I've actually used game maker studio in its early phases, and it really that bad. being that you're a beginner, this might just be the piece of software you need to help make the learning process a bit easier on you. I too would recommend giving it a try.
  2. I'm pretty well in tune with the marketing scene as well as programming. when it comes to marketing your Android games with Google play, keywords are big. make sure you use the right keywords to reference your game so that it comes up early in the search results.
  3. I would recommend working on your coding skills and polishing that off before focusing on design. as with most programming languages there are multiple ways to do the same thing, some being easier than others, so if you can master your coding you'll be saving yourself alot of time using the shortest route .
  4. Finikiefoe

    What keeps you motivated to finish ?

    The main thing that motivates me to continue and ultimately finish a project once I started is that I usually have a few beta testers on hand. I hire them for a reason, because I know they're ready and expecting me to produce.. so I use that as a driver to keep going as I don't want to let anyone down.
  5. Finikiefoe

    C++ Any Places To Learn Programming For A Beginner??

    the internet is rich with resources for anyone wanting to start with learning to program. when I started almost 15 years ago, I had to rely on the library taking out books or buying them from the store which is quite expensive. make use of the wealth of free information available online. there are plenty of source codes and sample scripts available. Google is your best friend right now, make use of him.
  6. Finikiefoe

    C# Making an interactive hud

    I've never done anything as you mentioned using C# but I have using another programming language. I'm sure it shouldn't be too difficult to convert it to c# as its pretty flexible. where are you in development as of right now, starting from scratch?
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