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  1. gloven

    Browser Based Game

    Learn the basics of a web design - css, html, js you can use w3schools, codeacademy whatever works You can try writing your first prototype for months and release it on kongregate to see the feedback while you are learning more stuff. I chose to learn vanilla javascript before moving to frameworks and all that neat stuff
  2. Aa a child i saw a shooting star (meteorite) falling from the sky. I wished to know how this world was built. Well, after 5 years computer industry progressed so much, now after 15 years i can see how my wish was granted. Thank you guys We are all a part of the development
  3. gloven

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Yeah by posting i haven't accounted for these issues the current administration has to work with. So i am sorry for that. I was trying to state a different point, that sides do not matter. 10 years can be a huge dip of immoral actions and the fall of the nations, the next 10 years can be the heavens of political correctness and utopian democracy. In 50 years, it does not matter what did who, one candidate is too small of a problem in the history of a country, even more the world. It's impossible to make everyone happy, i think people going for presidency are plain crazy, they know they can't fix things, especially when a human being is observing the world subjectively. I'm entertaining the idea that short term results,, good or bad, are necessary for the long term evolvement of the nation. Right now everything seems not like we want it to be, but i know that after 10+ years we will know why it was done. We can only see the pattern when we look into the past, not while it's happening. I am not defending anyone, i believe in bigger goals, trumpism is a short term hype and it should go away as people withdraw their emotions during the next election
  4. First of all, finished is better than not finished. No matter what size or complexity, something is better than none, always. So that's one of the motivations. I love knowing that i am a part of something i've added my efforts to, building my portfolio in life. Finished game adds to that. The main reason i think is that when we release the first build of the game and the players start to come in, the feeling gives me motivation and energy to live. It feels like the players are giving me their energy by spending it on the games we make.
  5. gloven

    Do you still play video games?

    Staying strong as much as i'm working in a casual game development company, as a QA, i get to play lots of other games outside the company during the work hours. We gather round and share some new picks from new and the old times and it's fun. Life itself is a game i love to play too, i feel like if you stop playing games, life also becomes kinda dull. We are here to play, video games or real life games enjoy!
  6. gloven

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I am not sure about this, but in some democratic countries the president can veto legislations to the limit where his words don't matter anymore. I believe that the president works as a CEO in a company. He is the face of a country, and the punching bag for all the disasters that happen. It's either republican or a democrat, does not matter actually, because over the years they balance each other out, and what we have is the trend moving somewhere straight no matter what candidate is the president. If you want to know the truth, remove all that is changing, and leave what is immovable, that is the part which is running everything behind the scenes. And it's not a conspiracy, it's just the way evolution and growth works. We as a culture move this graph, and presidents only have to do very little. All his councelors actually help him make the decisions. Next time democrat wins, half of Trump's changes will be removed and the new candidate will put his changes into place. And it happens to be a game nothing else.
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