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  1. @krb Ok, Let's go deeper: DF is a good analogous due to it complexity compensated by it minimalist approach but I need to play it more to get better into it. Each "class" in my game is represented by inner and some opposite stats, such as Defense/Attack, Stealth/Detection , health, mobility. Size and weight is another characteristic. Stealth and detection are values that determine how each individual (sometimes a small group of same kind) cant be aware of surrounding enemies or preys since they randomly appear in the players field of view range according to it main senses (vision, hearing, smell?). Every class in this game have their own synergy in relation with another kind, going from threat (significant bigger/stronger/faster), target (smaller, weaker and slower) or neutral (same sizes, or too small/big), as long as they share the same region, niche (compete for the same resources, in a specific environment). Wheterer land or water, cold or hot, desert or forest, appearing at where they are better fitted for. better now?
  2. Hello! I'm new here and and I'm looking for possible solutions for my project. I'm a pixel artist developing my first game. Short: How easy is to develop a game mechanic where many characters (builds with universal inner stats) are represented as simple pixel or small clusters on a topview generic and simle map. Each one with their own stats, movement patterns and speed. This behavior is not controled by the player, but watches one passivally and make some decisions later. Another factor I would like to include on each individual (or a small group) is it capacitiy to detect diferent targets (or threats) that randonly appear under each field of view and senses ranges, simulating many possible interactions based on stats comparison and other probability scenarios. As it may sounds, I'm not a dev, but after a extented research on our main subject, this matched clearly with our inicial goal. Our dev said this is not viable since there are many diferent characters (the player only follow one kind at time) with diferent behaviour and characteristics, as also other small probabilities results (run away, agressiveness, atack range, max health, etc etc) I tried to make it sound as clearly as I could, and since English is my second language I think I was abble to deliver the message. Does it sound possible or too much for a small team?
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