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  1. EnergizerOne

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    thanks for this tips
  2. EnergizerOne

    My first Game level in Unreal

    It's also a bit laggy on my end aswell. I tried loading it on both of my laptops as well as my phone and still recieved a substantial lag. But I do like the feel of the game, I can see where with more work this could definitely turn into something great. What other plans do you have for it?
  3. EnergizerOne

    GIMP vs Adobe

    GIMP is a wonderful tool when it comes to image creation and modification, and does have ano array of options to choose from. I still use it till this day, which makes about 5+ years. But if I had to choose between GIMP and photos hope, I would choose photoshop as my primary because I feel it's much more versatile and has alot more plugins available for it. I suppose it really depends on what exactly you're using it for. Each one is unique in its own respect.
  4. EnergizerOne

    What to expect from a 2nd round interview?

    Lol, you're right on track with the final, wrap up question "Do you have any questions for us". Never, and I repeat never answer no. Even if you don't have anything in mind that you really want to know, ask them anything.. preferably 1-3 questions to show interest and that you're serious about the position. It tells alot about your character, and they'll pick the person they feel is most unique and has the most potential.
  5. I've actually been in a situation similar to the one you described. The software was a joint venture and my partner was having issues with the end part of their code, which obviously we wouldn't be able to release the program like that. Unfortunately, pushing the release date back wasn't an option as we already invested a decent amount of money into advertisement and already had a buzz going around for said release date. In the end we had to hire an on demand freelancer and pay a substantial amount to have him work out the issue as it was beyond both me and my partners scope a day we had already invested too many hours into trying to fix it. This isn't the ideal way to solve the issue, but at times you have to do what is necessary to meet deadlines.
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