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  1. Well... if we make an assumption here and say that the cart is full of wood.... The Merchant would need to purchase that wood from the grinder.... When the Merchant has enough wood, the grinder would then sell to Housebuilder or Breadmaker or any other multitude of characters. Store credit is a big gamble, because if the Merchant finds that the conditions have changed and suddenly is getting short on funds, chasing up creditors, will be a chore unto themselves... Its a concept that shouldnt be dismissed and a great point I agree, however, who buys the iron and wood and leather??? What if another Merchant opens up down the road, selling near identical items cheaper...? (by cheaper, it would mean less profit margin as the items would cost approx the same to craft and the Merchant would simply add his/her profit on top) Being just a Merchant can be a lot more involved
  2. I dont think players who would rather battle, really need to involve themselves into the commerce side, except as a quest to protect villagers etc. However, an option like this could be used to take in-game currency to the real world... if its done correctly :) And it would bring in people who like the game concept/design but dont want to grind away in battles all the time... Its amazing to see how many people would rather be engineers, mission control staff and even cleaners at NASA, instead of Astronauts, just to be in a comfortable position in the genre of the place they work.... The game reality is, that at any time, a Player has less than a dozen character options to choose from and not all Players feel comfortable in those roles, but take them on, because there is nothing else. Sure, game genres help disperse the genres, but someone that would rather Farm, wont be playing with his mate who would rather Battle Orcs.... but if a game existed that could do that, then the Orc fighter, could meet up with his farmer mate and buy food from him and maybe the farmer would pay the fighter to be able to jump to the farmers protect should the farm ever get over-run by orcs :P
  3. Thats the exact thing I have been looking for (thanks) My theory is that an NPC is just a wasted opportunity and that most in-game currency is just a "descriptive thought" and not tangible. This video highlighted that the NPC has no real value, except in being a "pawn shop merchant" who will buy and sell anything. Items are generated without much reason..... So... Why not make a merchant character a choosable option by a Player. Why not make Blacksmiths able to sell crafted item to a Merchant Why not make hunters able to sell leather to Blacksmith for sheaths etc Why not make miners able to sell ore to smelters to sell iron to Blacksmiths to sell to Merchants and so on...
  4. Hello Everyone I am interested in the Game Trading and eCommerce theory of how Players interact with each other and the actual game and would like to open up discussions on this subject as I believe at some stage, it will become the next step in gaming. What I am interested in achieving after many 100's of discussions is an Engine that takes into account many aspects of Trade and they are: Tax system on trades and players (essentially replacing Lootboxes) A method to price items, so that it would essentially be the same price from game to game (that adopts the Engine) There is a lot more to discuss, but this post is just to fire out the idea and see if there is any interested discussion on this subject. So for starters, what would some of the issues be, if a Tax System is deployed? The way I see it, Tax would be used as an ongoing income to Game Developers to expand.develop the game further and thereby increasing its shelf life Modders who build Mods can use the system to also do "as above" so if the Mod is good, people will use it and the Modder will continue to develop it Even though there is a Tax system in place, Players can do tasks, quests or other things to have the Tokens to pay Tax
  5. As long as the "Producer" is competent in what they do, then its important to have people in specific roles, when... and only when its affordable to the business.
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