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  1. That "10% of available space" quota limit would be pretty great for us - I assume you have to check the files exist every time because the browser can clear space as it sees fit, but still to reduce the number of times things are downloaded would be cool. We are also quite able to restrict to a single browser - probably Chrome I suppose. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the limits are for local storage in an HTML5 browser game, and how this varies across browsers? I've seen how advanced games and other projects can be using WebGL and advanced JS pre-compilers these days but data/assets appears a big bottleneck. Let's assume a 100Mbps internet connection (very optimistic) - this means we could download 1Gb of assets in about 2 minutes, which is already a pretty long wait-time before those assets are processed and you can start. Every time you re-load this site, you have to do it again. So do Chrome and others (but I'm assuming Chrome is the most advanced) provide a way for storing more than a few Mb between sessions? I understand sandboxing and security mean this is very locked down but are there any workarounds to get local file access suitable for large assets? I'm assuming compression of assets is already done, and that procedural generation is not feasible, in this question - once everything else is done we still have 1GB+ of data we need.
  3. This doesn't seem the best sub-forum but I can't find a forum in the jobs area - mod please move if so! We're looking to advertise non-game work for projects that use almost 100% game dev technologies. It's always been a challenge - we've used Upwork, StackOverflow, etc, and advertising on all of them is expensive if you only want one part-time person. I guess Upwork is the biggest pool but is not specialist and the decent people are in the minority so a lot of sifting is needed. Where do decent, solid game developers look for work that they won't be competing with $5/hr hackers?
  4. I don't follow gamedev projects on KS to know if this is common but isn't this a bit chicken & egg? It seems to imply you've already done a huge amount of the work which would be expensive. KS seemed to start off as a platform for people who had a prototype, but not the funds for manufacturing/distribution, to gauge interest and raise funds accordingly. Of course these days it's just used as a marketplace ("buy for 65% off retail price, but we're never going to sell it retail") but still. Maybe it's just the harsh reality?
  5. d000hg

    Do you still play video games?

    Only casual games really, or stuff on my phone like snooker/Scrabble/chess. I never really liked story-based games so games that took big chunks of my life are things like PES and Trackmania and Quake-bots.
  6. d000hg

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I would say the trade war is the first real change he's made that is going to have real ramifications. You're right, I missed that as it doesn't make the headlines too much here due to our own crazy situation getting all the limelight! It will be interesting to see what the ramifications are... if he just backtracks on it all or not for a start!
  7. d000hg

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Until he gets impeached or really does something bigly stupid instead of just stupid. Somehow he's blundered from one controversy to another but never quite put his foot in it enough he can't get it out again. Coupled with the fact he's been largely ineffective at actually doing anything, so lives mostly continue as they did before and the system trundles on. I'd like to say there's no way he could possibly win a 2nd term but after the last few years, that would be too optimistic! When are the mid-terms, that should shed some light? And yet you chose to open and read and comment on this thread, when you could tell from the title what it was about. You aren't obligated to give your opinion, you could have ignored the thread.
  8. d000hg

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    What a weird thing to be afraid of. Communism, yes. Facism, yes. Socialism is pretty dull depending on what you define it to be.
  9. d000hg

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    Or days. Yes it would be awkward to make a game that is successful but the community are offensive to you!
  10. @Time4Tea have you looked into SmartFoxServer, since you mentioned you prefer to work in Java?
  11. It seems a big shame to abandon it. You've got so much done compared to how much appears needed to improve it. At the very least you could put it out for free to get some fans, if it took off you could release a sequel. Or release a cut version for free and sell tracks for a few bucks like old shareware. Or a mobile version could be neat.
  12. Granted I haven't bought a modern PC game for about 10 years, but I really liked the clean look in your screenshots. I'd be pleased to make something as shitty as that.
  13. By 'x16' I was referring to the idea of rendering to a non-RGB(A) format buffer. I thought both GL and DX supported a whole wealth of integer and float formats now with different numbers of channels so you can have a 16bit single-channel integer format? I wondered about this and I'm sure it's feasible but we have other complications so it seems the render-based approach is preferable, or we'll be writing several such special-case logic. Very interesting, thanks.
  14. 10 pages discussing the mechanics would be ok. Better than 300 pages of story and self congratulatory ego massage ;)
  15. To the OP: can we see a screenshot of what you have? It seems you have a 3D world created but that's not a game. Can you demonstrate at all what happens in the game? What the gameplay is like? You can create videos in tools like 3DS so in theory you could demo what the game might be like? Do you have a document for your game's design?
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