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  1. nikko1017

    where did you start to make a game?

    It's a very long and taxing process. Started learning Programming from a peer. I only intend to do designs but I did enroll myself in some Udemy courses by recommendation and also did a lot of readings, research, and practice like a mental parkour. You have to know the right people to help you further your knowledge and skills.
  2. nikko1017

    2D Short Story Into Game

    That wasn't so bad at all.
  3. nikko1017

    Do you still play video games?

    I'm playing Bayonetta 2 and Mario Odyssey alternately or whatever my mood is. I'm planning to pick up a copy of Street Fighter 30th anniversary and Metal Slug that is available on the eShop. I can't say that I would be able to enjoy the local multiplayer since I don't have anyone to play it with.
  4. I think all Pokemon games are developed by Game Freak except for Pokemon Go which is made by Niantic.
  5. nikko1017

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    Nice, something I can alternately with my Shovel Knight and Metal Slug.
  6. nikko1017

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    Hopefully, they release it on Switch as well.
  7. That's actually nice. You can use Celtx to help you organize your scenes so you can see the flow vividly.
  8. nikko1017

    Where to find Car Textures for every model?

    I think people who do GTA mods can help you.
  9. I like to draw original characters even when I was a student. It's more of a peer pressure with my programmers and multimedia artists friends. And we collab for a passion project that our aim is to make our imagination tangible.
  10. nikko1017

    When to use zBrush? When to stick with Blender?

    This is great! Thanks for the tips as well.
  11. nikko1017

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    You need to do a lot of research and reading. For a Dark fantasy setting, real-life scenarios can help you build your own world. Try to read more topics about oppression, corrupt governance, infestation, and other negative scenarios that influence the way the characters live. With these, you can create your motives to fight monsters (for example of territorial infestation) or fight tyrannical leaders to free from their oppression.
  12. nikko1017

    Do you still play video games?

    I still do play video games especially games on Nintendo Switch.
  13. nikko1017

    Begginer at writting for video games.

    You know, taking down notes of your video game ideas no matter how short it is will help jumpstart your pre-production. Here are my answer to your questions. 1.  I do believe that writing is necessary for content creation no matter what the medium is, and in this case, it's for video games. I find it essential to write guidelines, structure, descriptions, dialogue for video games. Good writing is where a good story comes from. 2. You don't have to write everything yourself. You can ask your friends to help you out. The important thing is that you have your premise and you do your research. A well-researched content can give your world-building a good foundation. 3. Of course, it can be used if you will polish and allow it. 4. Practice a lot. Do it on a daily basis if you can. Enjoy the process. Once you become really good at it, show some sample of your works. You have to make a lot of connections in order to land an offer. 5. Yes! It would help you financially and establish a connection with a few clients.
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