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  1. Yes, basically it is something similar to Google SEO (search engine optimisation). Keywords + good description + tags. Then you can create some youtube videos presenting your game, and create some backlinks to your game link. Write guest articles on gaming blogs and you can rank your game with that, for free mostly.
  2. I have played a few mario ripoffs on steam, plarformers do not give me motion sickness, because the brain takes control of the view differently just as you would play a simple non-VR platformer, it's just a little more immersive. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but other than that i don't know. It might be the other way around for some
  3. I won't have the unique story about how i started making games, everyone i know started this way, playing games themselves, then asking the questions like how they are made. Usually when you play some games you think about "what if this game had an option to do that".. And then over the years you have a few questions which brings you to "how do i learn the art myself", so you start picking up basics and there we go. I came the same way as anyone else here
  4. Reflox

    Do you still play video games?

    Yep, nintendo switch is quite relaxing even if you're dying a lot, it's hard to take it serious imho, i tend to have hard feelings over the PC games. That said, to this day I enjoy video games, never stopped and maybe never will. I meet more people like me and have most wonderful conversations online than with going outside. I feel as if people only talk about general stuff outside, and online you meet their "inner" selves.
  5. Reflox

    Browser Based Game

    You could do it two ways, well it all depends on how heavy the game you want to make. As it is your early stage of learning development, you might want to do the simpler method. The simple one and the short one is you can write the logic in javascript, that's fine. You can simulate a lot of complicated systems in plain javascript. For the serious project you would want to use serverside compiling and pull up the requests with ajax/json, so it wouldn't take calculation time from your website, you would just send the arguments to the server and do the computing of your genetic system or whatever there and send the result off to the front-end. That also adds the security layer to your project, but that's for later i suppose. It's more important that you play with what you've got now and then expand on your knowledge as you fill the gaps. By the way, when you decide to move to frameworks some technical stuff is much easier to handle
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