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  1. Ribin Rajagopal

    Midst of Lost

    Mysterious creatures appeared and began their attack on the city, not so long after these encounters, a war broke out and they one! The game explores the story from the perspective of such a victim trying to avenge his loved ones. Midst of lost is a short first person story game and the mechanics are designed to make the game more fast paced and as exciting as possible. The ambiance music is added to support or reinforce the feelings in the character. Level design is primarily targeted to convey the mood of the game. Post war / Apocalyptic details are essential parts to convey the effect of these creatures on the actual world, but sadly this short 15 mins game was out of Scope to bring such details to the world. But however if the game attains momentum more details will be added on the future. Game Trailer 😊 : https://youtu.be/GWwA04-kXDA
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    The game

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    Midst of Lost

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