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  1. Inflammatory/off-topic response removed. -jbadams
  2. Pointless/inflammatory/off-topic response removed. -jbadams.
  3. I speak to influence, I speak to illustrate, I speak to communicate ideas. That's what speaking is about. Communicating what I am thinking to others. I was not made aware of any social contract by which I am only permitted to speak when spoken to, similarly I am unaware of any obligation to speak on command. I think this is the only true independence of thought and deed, to be the master of my own self and to control the words I write and the things I say and do, from within my own self. While I appreciate being badgered with lots of leading questions and mocked and derided by snide little remarks issued in poor taste, I don't know that there is any way that I can be forced to reply to them... in fact, I'm certain there's not. I do look forward always to intelligent contributions to the topic, even if that means I often find myself waiting in vain. I appreciate your correspondence and commitment to whatever it is you've committed yourself to, here.
  4. I think what's interesting is when a Trump bashing thread lasts for several pages but a similar question about the future of liberalism is closed immediately, followed by serious discussion about only allowing certain people to participate in political discussion. To me and the many people reading this post, that is very interesting. Edit: This is how you destroy a forum, by the way. Nobody asked the question, but this is the answer. Maybe this will be the first community to survive becoming a contentious, politically biased platform for ideologues but it probably will not. You alienate the original core userbase and then get a lot of trolls, then you seem to attract new users in droves, but after the trainwreck of the controversy wears off you just have a dead forum.
  5. So what you're saying is you want to ensure that only highly politicized rhetoric is allowed and to ensure it conforms to a suitable agenda. Makes sense. That way we can adhere to the typical talking points and keep the flame wars going.
  6. Well before long it will be time for the next election season, and it's important for political operatives to build karma in different communities so they can leverage the prestige to promote democrat candidates. People should be aware of how much is at stake in politics right now. This is no doubt by design. It's not limited to Reddit or 4chan. The whole ihnternet is a political battleground, now. So open yourself up to political arguments and propaganda at your own risk, I say.
  7. Unknown33

    RTS design techniques?

    There have been studios that failed trying to make the next best RTS game. Some games have done well by changing the formula to better suit more casual players. My stance is that the genre has evolved into MOBA, where instead of controlling every aspect of the battle, the player controls just a powerful hero. This tells us that there is still life in RTS but the limitations have to do with antiquated interface design. By simplifying the game so that anyone can effectively control the deciding actions in a battle, it became a huge success. I believe the future of RTS goes to whoever brings base building, army composition and resource gathering to MOBA.
  8. Unknown33

    RTS design techniques?

    The technique is called rubber banding for all game genres, although it does fall under the broader umbrella of comeback mechanics. In RTS rubber banding is viewed negatively by most players and designers. The opposite of rubber banding is called snowballing where the player who is winning gains additional advantages (like a snowball rolling down a mountain gets bigger and bigger). This is prevalent in RTS games because after a battle, the winning commander has a positional advantage and can generally secure additional resources while the other commander rebuilds their ranks. One attempt to solve these issues is with creative map designs, causing additional base expansions to increase player vulnerability to attack. However, this can have the effect of causing players to refuse to leave their first base. Caution is required when designing an RTS because you want to allow both push forward and defensive gameplay styles to be valid while not playing favorites, and any rubber banding or snowballing must be minimal otherwise players will cry foul. I look forward to an interesting discussion.
  9. This is not true for everyone. If this is true for you, that you cannot discuss politics without a degree of negative emotional response, then in my view you should not be participating in (or starting) political threads in forums not geared towards, or permissive of, that sort of heated discourse, since you will be unable to participate. I am happy that the other threads were closed because it is virtually impossible to have any kind of productive civil discourse when absolutely everyone is allowed to participate and contribute and there are multitudes of political activists on the internet who specialize in infiltrating social networks and attempting to proselytize in the name of their respective causes. We wouldn't, for example, expect a religious debate on here to go well. For the same reason, I can't see any political debates going well. Especially when opinions are all regarded as equally qualified and valid and people continue to attach emotional importance and self validation to their political beliefs. My intent in the original thread was to say just this very thing... our ability to civilly discuss political matters has been lost. It's not about the facts or causes, anymore, it's merely my side vs your side and the withstanding notion that anyone who does not agree with my side is the enemy and must be defeated/destroyed by any means available, even if that means reporting all of their posts to moderators or downvoting them with multiple user alts. That's sad but it's exactly where we are at. I would love to see a dialogue about that... much more than any political horse race or the same old talking points ad nauseam. Can't we all just get along?
  10. Unknown33

    How much longer can modern liberalism last?

    That downvote makes a very convincing argument. Anyone else care to weigh in?
  11. Unknown33

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    They do from time to time. It's a good way to cleanse the palate after playing a nine part epic world building sandbox space opera. Mash buttons and punch people.
  12. Here we have an ideology that is routinely shielded from scrutiny. Its critics, silenced. Those sympathetic to its critics, silenced also. Rarely do its most staunch supporters practice apologetics, advocacy for the causes it promotes is virtually nonexistent. The primary reason a person would elect to become liberal is to avoid having to suffer the things that non-liberals are subject to. Despite having a grip on mainstream entertainment and most news outlets, and effectively running the internet with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit all demonstrating proudly their preferences for liberal causes, liberalism's power is not absolute. People have simply chosen to withdraw from public discourse and instead, they vote. Clearly, despite a monopoly on academia and most forums of intellectual discourse, there is still healthy opposition to liberalism. Seeing this and knowing that older people tend to become more conservative with age, as their families grow and develop, and seeing as how the bulk of the baby boomers generation is aging and will eventually pass on, amidst other trends, I simply ask the question... How much longer will the radical social change that started in the 60's continue to last, considering that it seems to have reached its peak during the Obama administration?
  13. Unknown33

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Owning the libs by not attacking anyone.
  14. Unknown33

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Give me ring then. Let's get a beer.
  15. Unknown33

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    People's rhetoric against the president is eerily reminiscent of what I heard coming from within the Tea Party during Obama's presidency. This idea that he was always on the verge of impeachment or perdition was so prevalent that many were paralyzed when he won reelection. The problem is that without a realistic worldview, that is not founded upon partisan rhetoric or hyperbolic arguments, or false equivalencies, what is really taking place remains largely invisible. I would invite everyone to compare my voice with those of the politically motivated ones here and ask a simple question... who is enjoying their day more, and why are people actively offended by someone else not being as dissatisfied with life as they seem to be? Not so much missed as have simply decided not to see.
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