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  1. Marylle

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    Learning the math for physics. As design and programming wasn't hard enough, when i've started reading OpenGL libraries it just reminded me of how bad a math student i am, just the mere feeling of "now i know that i do not know anything" and another downfall if i should even learn something new at this point, but that's a common reaction for anyone overwhelmed with information i guess. I've found out some time after that when your brain wants to shut down on new information, take it slow, but don't hide from it, short term problem is a long term fruit.
  2. Bad advice - "Hey, just google some images and use them as placeholders" When i was starting out this was another idea from the inexperienced programmer friend, and to my curiosity as to what do game developers do when they develop their games, do they design their own images, doesn't it make the project longer and distracts you from the workflow? His response was "just google some images". And luckily before publishing anything serious i have gotten some common sense as to why this idea is bad and i'd rather paint some fast ugly squares other than use copyrighted assets. It's so easy to trash your name as a dev if you do it officially Good advice - "don't overthink, aim to make it small, but well working" And this was not even in a game development, but when i was learning to draw fictional characters and i was starting out to learn all the techniques with different shades, pencil sizes and i've seen some drawings and couldn't make anything close, then i found out about the art, that it doesn't have to be advanced, you can start off with silhouette, and that basically is the first prototype in game development and in everything else.
  3. Different niche, different rules imho You can explicitly imply the rules as the owner of some website, but generally the ratings are just the overall number and "general vibe" of your experience while consuming the product or watching a thing. I can imagine an art forum having the specific rules for ratings like you have mentioned, for every major aspect of design, audio, gameplay etc. That is usually the job for career critics as for casual gamers it's not necessary to state what exactly was wrong as it can be anything these days.
  4. Marylle

    Creating a MMORPG game in phone

    I find it much easier to start off with something like Unity and at the same time pickup C# with javascript. Unless you learn basics (for which any language is good enough) you will have harder time. You need to learn words, then sentences. By the way, MMORPG genre is the hardest game development genre there is.
  5. Marylle

    Do you still play video games?

    I do play the games, i am just more picky about what i buy or play, as the time goes i started value my time more, so usually i'll play something really innovative No more nostalgia binge playing. I find playing games useful if you balance it out like a diet, don't let your brains be stale
  6. Marylle

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    I'll miss the other guys from the first games though and the environment looks positive not that gloomy as in the first games lol I quite haven't played streets of rage besides first two games, it's been a long time, back when one was called "bare knuckle" on a low res cartridge XD
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