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  1. You could go the Chrono Trigger method. People didn't grind, because they never needed too. Everything was perfectly givent to them and if you fought a monster and lost; it was always an obvious strategy. You will have to do a lot of playtesting, but what game doesn't? Chrono Trigger didn't nesscarilly force players not to grind either; however, areas with monsters would notabel only have a couple monsters; any grinding would seem not only unneeded but a chore to even accomplice, so it would never really pop-up in player's minds.
  2. NoviceOfProgramming

    Last set of characters to complete my fighting game lineup!

    If you want an opinion of the whole line-up, I would think you'd need to showcase how each character's moveset effect and reflect others in balancing; however, if you going for more stylistic advice, I think you should show concept sketches that question the clarity of the moves being used and how distinctive they are from one another.
  3. NoviceOfProgramming

    Object Oriented Project for Beginners?

    Your reply really got to the heart of my perception of the whole thing!
  4. NoviceOfProgramming

    Last set of characters to complete my fighting game lineup!

    Game design wise, I don't think the answers you are wanting to know carry a lot of "weight" in the game. Yes, stylistically, the above questions make sense. In the grand scheme, I think looking into how your ideas of move sets and influence of each character should be looked into. However, from an art standpoint (the standpoint where the above questions would have the most ground), the information you have everyone isn't even a lot for an animator to go off or show off personality. I don't think there is much you or I can even decide or judge, that has any "weight" on your game, using the above questions.
  5. NoviceOfProgramming

    Object Oriented Project for Beginners?

    I have been off and on learning programming, mostly because of confusion or impatience when it came of OOP. I understand loops, if, using paramters and arguments, using local and global variables, even some general practices when writing out pseudocode for OOP. Though every time I finish up learning the "basics" with structured; I try to jump straight into Unity to try to test my skills at OOP, and I get a bit overwhelmed or confused what would actually be a good beginner project. I know learning programming's end goal for me was to make games, but I understand if there is a better in between goal to help connect my knowledge together. I don't how to take my little javascript/python practices to something like using Unity or Unreal? Any ideas on a good mid-goal to do?
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