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  1. Hey! So i've been working on my reel for a while now and I thought I would post it here to get your opinions. I'm going for about-1-minute long compositions in different styles, trying to label them as good as possible 😛 I still have to fix some stuff here in there in each song, but I just wanted to know your opinions on my approach to a Composer reel. My goal is to have 2 or 3 more tracks so I can hit Barcelona Games World with something decent under my arm ^^ See ya!
  2. Hey! What's good? I was wondering how many of you guys rely on analog synths and acoustic instruments for your productions. After listening to many many many videogame music producer reels, it seems to me that this is a very digital market, and that maybe the customer doesn't appreciate the difference between, for example, an analog synth and a VST. I'm not saying one approach is better that the other (I use tons of VSTs myself), I just felt curious about the gear you guys use. See ya!
  3. I like your voice! Maybe you should compress it a little bit tho; you don't need so much dynamics when it comes to voice overs.
  4. Kalero

    Some DAW Questions

    When I'm writing music, I usually do it with Ableton Live 9, because I use Ableton Push A LOT. Once the music is done, if I have to record instruments or vocals I move to my studio where I work with Logic Pro X. Most of the time I also mix with Logic, but I would mix with Ableton if the aux channels and sends resembled more a mixing board and less a djing setup. Also, Ableton's display of inserts makes the workflow sluggish when it comes to mixing, imho.
  5. Kalero

    My first take on videogame music :-P

    Hey! Sorry I couldn't get to you guys earlier; I was out for the weekend. Thank you very much for taking the time to post constructive comments! It's great to get such professional feedback ^^ Thanks! I've been producing bands in my studio for a while, so I believe the easiest for me will be getting the mix right. I have a very rock/metal guitar-based background tho, so there's still a lot to learn! Yes, I think I held myself back a bit on purpose, mostly out of fear of going over the top at my first try... I guess I've been a bit conservative about certain aspects of this arrangement. But I have to say that I like the "90's TV show" feeling that the first section of the song has hahah I guess I'll try to make it so there's more of a crescendo towards the epic-bombastic part of the song ^^ Yes, I agree on that. I thought about adding some brass to the song, but again, I didn't want to over do it... I will work on that and also try to enrichen the string section. true! I'll try that too! Thanks ^^ the chord inversion approach is def something I must explore, thanks! I'll add the brass section and check strings with that bombastic ending in mind. Thanks! I've been listening to your portfolio and it's quite impressive! A pleasure joining the conversation 🙂 Hey! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I wanted to have a short theme with a clear motif so I could develop it in different styles and have like 4 epic-fantasy song tied together. It does sound a bit like a radio-edit of something larger... but although I like it at its present length, I may do a longer version in the future. Thank you very much for your comments! I'm planning to have a decent portfolio by the end of November so I can attend Barcelona Games World with something nice to showcase. I'll be posting what I put together; your feedback is very valuable ^^
  6. Hey there! Just wrapped up the first song I made with the videogame industry in mind. It's just an intro theme to something epic with lots of swords and a few horses exploding. Your feedback will be appreciated ^^ Fins ara!
  7. Kalero


    hahah well, I think not quantizing works good for certain things, but I would advice against it when it comes to electronic beats. The tighter, the better ^^ Maybe your piano solo would also benefit from a bit of quantizing! Are you mixing on headphones? I think you should start by soloing the beat and the bass tracks, make sure they sound good together and then add the rest. Best of luck!
  8. Kalero


    Nice tune! Did you quantize your midi notes? It sometimes feels like some elements are off the grid. Also, I would suggest lowering the bass volume; it's far too present. And the bass sound... if you're going for something without dynamics, I wouldn't use a sound library that sounds like an electric bass; maybe something more 303, moogish... dunno, anything sinthy. Love the lead synth, fits the style perfectly.
  9. Kalero

    Sinister Duel (Feedback on a piece)

    This is a very good track! I would love that nylon guitar and that flute to be real instruments tho ^^ As with other tracks I've listened around here, maybe you should crunch a little bit your dynamic range. Imho, it gets far too quiet towards the end, and maybe from a mixing-for-videogames perspective (imagine this music over different sound effects) it would benefit from a more compressed master. Great job anyways ^^ Also: maybe it's my shitty headphones (I'll listen to it later in my studio) but I feel like there's maybe too much information in the 300-500hz band? Could be my listening setup, dunno.
  10. Kalero

    The Olympian Conscript

    This is very good! A nicely developed and catchy motif and a very cinematic feel. The only thing I would criticize is the dynamic range of the song; it's excessively quiet at times. It would be a pity if this became, for example, a mobile phone strategy game's music and the song felt like dissapearing every now and then. Maybe you could compress the master a lil bit, or maybe play with individual volumes. My opinion anyway ^^ Great job!
  11. Hi! Just signed up to this forum and I thought it would be nice to introduce myself before joining the conversation. I'm Àlex, a musician from Barcelona. I've been playing guitar, keyboards and drums professionally as a live & session musician for many years now. I'm also a music teacher and I love writing music for me and others. I have my own professional recording studio and I love mixing and producing. I play different instruments in a few bands, being both Obsidian Kingdom and my solo work my main projects. Since I'm a huge videogame enthusiast, I started a few months ago to learn how to make them with Unity and some C#. I'm a noob in terms of programming, but I find it very fun and creative and I want to keep exploring this path. Of all the roles available in the games industry tho, obviously the one I'm most interested in is the sound guy. I haven't got anything videogame-related I can show you, but i'll be writing some music the next weeks and posting it here for your evaluation. For now, all I can show you are clips of me playing stuff in my studio 😛 That's me playing some original music: And here's a couple of covers I did recently: I know it's not videogame related stuff, but I couldn't think of a better way to introduce myself ^^ I'll be posting videogame music as soon as I've got it written, recorded and mixed. See you guys around!
  12. Kalero

    Orchestral Romantic Piece

    Love the piano arpeggio at 1:20! The strings may be a bit harsh imho... I would love to hear that lead voice with a real solo instrument instead of an ensemble ^^ Nicely put together!
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