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  1. Interesting. Bullet would be my 2nd pick, since I know it's considered fast, plus it is heavily actively maintained and there is enough documentation to get me started fast. I have taken a look at Newton, it is impressive indeed but somewhat slow and I don't require extreme levels of accuracy. At least PhysX user guide is well written and freely available as well as the source of course. I will have to read the license more carefully though, as it seems shady.. (could be the reason why there aren't many tutorial around). When I get around to it I'll update the post. Thanks for the info. If you have anything else please add.
  2. Hello and greetings to the game development and programming community. I hope this is the right section for this thread. I am looking for a good quality 3d physics engine to integrate into my 3d Game Engine built using DirectX 11 and C++. Creating my own physics engine is likely going to take a long time and I don't think I could take on such a challenge at this point. The problem is that I don't have enough programming experience specifically related to 3d physics (although I'm reasonably well versed to high school and even 1st year university physics). I have looked around the world wide web and I have found a few sources, such as Vortex, Bullet and PhysX. I would like to use the last one, which is made by NVidia since I have utilized and programmed its technologies before, especially with CUDA. I would appreciate to hear any opinions regarding various such physics engines, if you have any suggestions as to which one I could use, which one would be sufficiently easy to integrate. If there are any tutorials or practical books maybe? I've looked around a few docs & resources for PhysX but those are extremely limited and probably outdated. I require information from more experienced people in this field. Some suggestions would be very welcome indeed. Remember my 3 key requirements though: 1. Windows API, 2. Direct3D, 3. C or C++. And keep in mind 4. (not a requirement, just a desire) Nvidia PhysX. But really, suggestions, advice and discussion about any kind of 3d Physics engines are welcome. Thanks.
  3. KeyC0de

    My brief tour through 3d engines

    I recommend you take a more indepth look into CryEngine, which is my favorite game engine. There are, although not many, but a good amount of tutorials on the internet to get you started. There are also a few books I could recommend, the best ones being: Mastering CryEngine (2014) & CryEngine game programming with C++, C# and Lua (I have personally completely neglected the C# part here ; D). By the way, It is better to stick with an engine or tool than to try everything that's out there just to check it out. You need reasonably good critique skills though, to know, or at least have an idea of what you want to accomplish. (Unless of course your goal is to try out all the game engines.)
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