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  1. I think that gamers can get used to the isometric view if they played long enough, a lot of games are like this too but it's still rarely seen in AA titles
  2. kingdomslayer

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    What kind of fighting game do you want it to be? and rpg fighting style or like those tekken , street fighter style?
  3. Can I have a look on your whole character's line0up, it would be more easier to decide what to come out with with that
  4. kingdomslayer

    Making dungeon rewards logical (fantasy RPG)

    You might wanna make a spreadsheet or what and balance out your loot in the game. This is what i normally do when making these types of game L)
  5. kingdomslayer

    Help me make a game idea!

    I have a lot of ideas but all of them are like treasures to me so I will gonna share them if I want to work together with you
  6. This methods works quite well in my opinion and I think you can go with it. rarely people will think of that
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