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  1. Hello~ I've been Developing an Indie Game for about 2 Months now; that is rather close to being a 2D Version of StarCraft 2; you can read about all of the differences from SC2 at the Link near the bottom of the Page. At the Top of the Page in the Link, there are 4 other Links; these can help you get a FULL Understanding of what the Project is; as well as allow you to view its' Progress, and Join the Dev-Team if you should so wish via the Discord. Any people who are considering joining, please know that I understand that you may be busy with other priorities, and I entirely understand; I don't wish to take your time from that, I'd be happy with only as much time as you feel you can spare as I know that this is a daunting Project and that levels of commitment across Members of the Team will vary. While this is starting out as a Hobby Project, I genuinely dont hope that it will forever remain that way. I'm here working on this to kick-start my Career with Design, while getting some much needed experience in the process, so that I can be better when I go to school. Hiring: The Dev-Team is looking for both Artists and Coders, I feel as though we can wait awhile before looking for any Composers simply due to the fact that the game is in a very early state and there just wouldn't be a lot of Sounds to make so far; but I'm open to it if some Composers want to join. For the Current Game Files, they are intended to be interpreted as the Core of the Game; as the Test Phase is only supposed to create a very limited working Version of the Game, most of the Images will have been revamped by the time that Alpha arrives. Artists: I understand that each Artist will have their own Art Style; infact, I'm counting on it. I believe that as many Art Styles as possible would make the game feel really special. Coders: While the Game may be capable of being Coded in C#; I'm entirely open to it also being coded in Java at the same time. Currently, we are working on creating a Program to allow us to link multiple pictures together into one file, all the while attaching custom variables to each image in the file; so that our Coders can easier work with the Images. Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dbk3adJNoka4B_q6wWJTVi4v7yKsE54uJopoB26Az80/edit?usp=sharing Thank you for your consideration, have a splendid day.
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