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  1. It's a horror game, isn't it? The only way to avoid moral criticism is to remove the horror, so if seeing a child get brutally beaten is painful to watch, you're actually on the right track. Parallel to the game Hatred, the mechanics are more important than the critics. The moral criticism actually prolonged Hatred's life through free marketing before it died of failing to cater properly to the Twin-Stick Shooter audience. Cater to your target audience, and you'll be fine.
  2. First, make a Quake mod out of your concept. From there, tweak its settings as you get feedback from people who play it. From how it sounds, the resources to create a prototype for your dream game already readily exist.
  3. Lendrigan Games


    Whether or not, Blizzard is making Diablo 4, we have no assurance that it's being made. We can easily infer that it is, but as far as official statements go, Blizzard hasn't mentioned that they even care about it. Good luck selling games to people who just watch them. Yes, the East is vastly different to the West. Why, then, was this so assertively advertised to the West? They -can- make games for everyone, but how do we know that they are? It's negligent for a business to slag off its already-existing fanbase. Whether or not, Blizzard is making Diablo 4, we have no assurance that it's being made. We can easily infer that it is, but as far as official statements go, Blizzard hasn't mentioned that they even care about it. I remember watching an interview with a LucasArts exec, who said that they eventually had to realize that "fans wanted the Star Wars experience, not just the Star Wars brand." Unless, Blizzard has figured out a way to combo abilities organically with one button, they aren't "bringing" Diablo to mobile any more than Master Of Teras Kasi "brought" Star Wars to Playstation. Instead, all available indicators point to bringing Crusaders Of Light under the Blizzard umbrella. Back in your day, Blizzard hadn't yet made Warcraft. They -can- make games for everyone, but how do we know that they are? Plenty of other AAA games also announced their spinoffs alongside continuations of the mainline games.
  4. Lendrigan Games


    Blizzard has no plans to put Diablo Immortal on PC, and you don't want it, either. You think you do, but you don't. Blizzard had been turning into Activision for quite a while, and now seems like a good time to remind everybody that Blizzard didn't make Diablo 1 nor 2. That was Condor Games,, a.k.a. Blizzard North. Blizzard proper couldn't figure out the formula (between WoW and Diablo 3, they're theme-park people), but now we really get to see how little they understand it as they release it on a platform whose only form of control is a mouse with 1 button. I freely admit, though, that I couldn't have predicted them to be so out of touch as to proudly present an Eastern mobile product to a Western PC crowd.
  5. Lendrigan Games

    Calculating Expierence - Logic? Formula?

    To get yourself 90% towards nailing down Exp numbers, implement how experience is gained, play-test, and when you think to yourself, "the player should get a level about now," record how much experience is accumulated, and do it again for the next experience level until you have a number for every level. In the end, experience charts are all judgment calls based around game flow (i.e., the judgment call behind Dungeons & Dragons 3rd-Edition exp numbers is "13&1/2 fights to get to the next level").
  6. Lendrigan Games

    What are you working on?

    I'm creating placeholder assets to help nail down mechanics for my game, after which time I'll hand off the spritesheet to a competent artist.
  7. Lendrigan Games

    how is character creation usually done?

    You can set most of the larger details with 2 questions; what does s/he do, and how does s/he do it? The rest of the details depend on how the character fits within the given setting.
  8. Lendrigan Games

    Watchbot - an idea i had

    What kind of game is it? ... First-Person Shooter? ... Platformer? ... Hidden Object? ... Point & Click Adventure?
  9. In a post-apocalyptic setting, Morale is a ripe resource. With a world that's constantly under threat of devolving back into anarchy, having a cult of personality helps keep your empire in 1 piece.
  10. Don't worry about that part. Often times, even professional game designers don't really know if their idea is worth pursuing or not.
  11. Non-standard player characters don't have as wide of an appeal, but, because of their rarity, they have devoted fanbases. As far as "getting into" characters, as long as the player has the means to readily figure out what he can do with his character and how to do it, he won't complain.
  12. Lendrigan Games

    Store Values

    Store value gaps are generally calculated to reward the buyer for spending more money (thus encouraging them to do so). 80/$1 for base price 500/$5 = (base price * 5) + 100 worth of "thank you for spending more money" 1200/$10 = (base price * 10 + 200) + 200 worth of "thank you for spending even more money" Of course, the final step is "eyeballing it." A good-looking final number is ultimately more important than is a mathematically consistent formula.
  13. When Path Of Exile removed money altogether, the player-base itself popularly agreed upon a bartering standard (in this case, value is determined in relation to the Chaos Orb).
  14. Lendrigan Games

    Where do I start?

    Expect a lot of technical discussion. 98% of the site is decidedly about the nuts & bolts of developing games, and every other discussion is relegated to The Lounge.
  15. Lendrigan Games

    Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

    If you just inch the planets along in real-time (1 degree / minute for Earth's orbit), it will get accepted as flavor presentation. Moving them too quickly disrupts the players' flow over the course of hundreds of planet views, as when they want to select a planet, they generally prefer to simply remember where the planet is rather than have to find it again. Alternately, provide speed sliders, letting the players give themselves a static option.
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