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  1. Lendrigan Games

    Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

    If you just inch the planets along in real-time (1 degree / minute for Earth's orbit), it will get accepted as flavor presentation. Moving them too quickly disrupts the players' flow over the course of hundreds of planet views, as when they want to select a planet, they generally prefer to simply remember where the planet is rather than have to find it again. Alternately, provide speed sliders, letting the players give themselves a static option.
  2. Lendrigan Games

    Can Somebody Make Me A Game?

    Expect the default answer to be "no." People need assurances that their efforts will pay off, and Not Paying Money puts a damper on that.
  3. Lendrigan Games

    Resource types in sci-fi 4X

    Realism vs fantasy is a fun struggle because there never is an inherently in/correct answer Even in science fiction, the nuts & bolts eventually become soft science after a certain degree of inquiry, reminding the inquirer that it is indeed fiction.
  4. Lendrigan Games

    Resource types in sci-fi 4X

    Matter: I don't know how commonly it's used in sci-fi 4X, but from a complete outsider's perspective, the word "Matter" comes across as a label for physical resource rather than for wealth. alternate label ideas: Commerce, Credits, Wealth Rare Earth: If it's the fuel for science, an -ium name will help make it more obvious, i.e. Vibranium, Aritrarium, Einsteinium, etc. I don't know exactly what it is about that suffix, but rather than, "we need more rare earth to complete this experiment," it just magically sounds more appropriate to say, "we need more saskatoonium to complete this experiment."
  5. Lendrigan Games

    RTS design techniques?

    One thing to help with avoiding C&C/Warcraft clones is to allow to be an RTS everything that requires strategy within real time events, ie. the Total War series and (rather arguably, I admit) Mount & Blade. Base-building and the isometric perspective are popular within the genre but not necessary for defining it. As well as the original RTSs have aged, hopeful successors need to expand on the formula rather than merely preserve it. 1: The way of the spectator sport, as @swiftcoder pointed out. Other than that... experimental flash & indie games. I've played a few RTSs on Newgrounds and Kongregate that were strategic and not C&C. 2: Ultimately, the RTS has to evolve from discomfort with the available formulas ("necessity is the mother of invention" and all that). Without a desire for something concrete, attempted evolutions will be just novelties. 3. We already have Total War 4. Implimenting RPG mechanics worked out for the Warlords Battlecry. Granted, adding adventuring mid battles didn't pan out so well for D&D Dragonshard.
  6. One possible way of doing rock/paper/scissors For sake of simplicity, we'l say that 1 Capital Ship costs as much as 10 Frigates, and 1 Frigate costs as much as 10 Fighters 100 Fighters can swarm 10 Frigates 10 Frigates can swarm 1 Capital Ship 1 Capital Ship is too heavily shielded for 100 Fighters to dent
  7. Lendrigan Games

    RTS design techniques?

    ... but have you played 8-Bit Armies? That has a very strong sense of... something or other... I think... Out of curiosity, do you have an opinion of the Dawn Of War games?
  8. Lendrigan Games

    where did you start to make a game?

    For now, dream smaller. My own ultimate dream game is way beyond my scope, so it's very decidedly sitting on an backburner. I've drawn up several, more focused ideas since then, and my starting project is focused on doing 1 thing (and is only mildly beyond my scope). If you want your dream game made, you're going to need extra hands on it, so until then, drum up a small idea that interests you.
  9. Lendrigan Games

    RTS design techniques?

    If you read "dearth" as "death," I apologize for the miscommunication. I just really like that word. I've played several dozen hours of PoE. I also bought Wolcen on early access (it has an overhaul due this month), so I would also disagree with the idea that the genre is dead. It certainly is lacking for options, though.
  10. I'm on a mission from god. Ever since I was a teenager, I've had a desire to "create entertainment." Over the years, I've learned that, as a visionary, I excel at concept but lack in execution (though I did manage to write 250 pages of an attempted novel). About a year ago, I made the decision to brute-force teaching myself programming, and a series of suspiciously fortunate events have led me to conclude that I'm on a right track.
  11. Lendrigan Games

    Do you still play video games?

    I've been purposefully fostering burnout for solo gaming in order to make myself less distracted(I have a friend with whom I happily do co-op twice a week). Nonetheless, I am currently playing Neverwinter Nights 2, specifically the Storm Of Zehir campaign, which so far has been a lot less of a slog than is the original campaign.
  12. Lendrigan Games

    RTS design techniques?

    RTS: Army v Army Diablo: Person v Army That's why I see it as scaling down.
  13. Lendrigan Games

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    From my experience, downvoting is how many backwards thinkers lash out at others.
  14. Lendrigan Games

    RTS design techniques?

    Having forced myself to scale down scope to within reason, I'm currently working on the next closest thing: a squad-based Diablo clone. Due to the dearth of good hack&slash games, I'm scratching my own itch as well.
  15. Lendrigan Games

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    Idea: Mandate that political threads be tagged as such by OP, and the tag triggers removal of voting for that thread.
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