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  1. Strade

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    When i need to accumulate some inspiration into characters, be it game development, writing a story, or acting i use the mirror technique a lot of actors use while learning their role for months. Write down the traits and the story behind your character, and then sit down in front of a mirror and read each thing you wrote about the character, imagine every detail that you are this character, branch out to why you have become this evil, what were the motivations. Eventually it all comes together and you can lose your own personality if you worked on the character at least an hour a day. Turn on some music your character would like to listen. There are lots of tools to put your mindset into some real inspirational moods
  2. Strade

    Do you still play video games?

    What are you up to lately in the switch? I picked it up last month, googled a few top games to buy, now it's uncomparable to when i used to play games on my way to some place on a phone. On the topic, learning to code opened up new horizons for me as a gamer, i can now observe the beautiful design
  3. Strade

    How to avoid bugs

    You can't really avoid the bugs, it's like "measure twice and then cut", it's just that trying to resolve all the upcoming bugs is like measuring many times the same thing you have, and what you have is nothing, because you haven't coded anything trying to think about avoiding the bugs. Well the best way to avoid the bugs is not to code Other than that, you have to just do it and resolve them in the way
  4. Strade

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    Yep it will be released on Switch too
  5. It's been a very long time i can't clearly remember the exact timeline of the events, i do remember one think clearly though. It was the deep and cold season of winter, you know, the usual one in the outskirts of a country. Where snow stacks on top and never goes away. I was sitting down making my classic lego science fiction castle/assets/buildings/figurines, the typical self made game, i did not know much about programming, i thought it was something a lot of people have to do. A while later i talked to my friend on a phone and he was asking what i was doing, so i told him and then he got the idea to try and model what i build with legos on the screen. So we played with the MS Paint for a while, trying to think of the best way to do the view, we downloaded the 3DSmax and started playing with it. Eventually that led us to copying other people codes to compile the graphic and learning the basics
  6. Strade

    Creating a MMORPG game in phone

    I would not recommend starting out with a MMORPG, as i've heard that games go to die when they become MMORPG. Not unless it's WoW or any game behind the company with huge assets behind the sinking ship, that can pull everything up if the project went wrong. See, mmorpg servers are very expensive, you can't handle so many instances at once and spend little money. That part alone you would have to pay your earnings from the job
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