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  1. waipowrectdeapr1976

    Where to find music ?

    There are also a lot of music producers that post their music on services like spotify or soundcloud. It's all quite well organised so you could first ask from them if they could provide the music for free (.... say for promotion) and then you could buy some tracks or have them compose some for you.
  2. Get more people working on it. Either from the team itself or by getting it outsourced or both.
  3. waipowrectdeapr1976

    Please, guys, need your feedback!

    So what do you need feedback on? What's this for? Are you just advertising your work?
  4. waipowrectdeapr1976

    How to advertice a game

    Nothing beats paying people... Give some influencers some money and for sure they'll promote your game/product. And of course paid advertising. Facebook ads is very targeted and value for money overall
  5. waipowrectdeapr1976

    Composer looking for advise and feedback

    I don't really understand what are you asking. If you feel you work is not good enough, try finding and internship or become someone's "apprentice", find a mentor. If your problem is with selling yourself. I think the answer is to be more bold. As Dan Pena would say "Pull the ........ trigger"
  6. waipowrectdeapr1976

    Sound editor for developers (Really newbie question)

    For beginners audacity is the way to go and it's free. You could actually try and make your own music with Fruity loops. That's the program that most electronic music producers start from. There are a lot of tutorials as well.
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