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  1. The Battle Royale Genre is being played out with clones of Fortnite and PUBG, I want to make a genre changing game that redefines the format of the game. I want to make a game that's a side scroller with a large map with depth (caves, buildings, etc...) where players spawn in at random, loot up, and battle it out to the end. I really appreciate pixel art style games and I would like to incorporate that into the idea. Specific details are up to debate, such as: close range, long range, or a mixed combat system, the platform to develop on (I use Unreal myself), character customization, etc... What I need from the community are programmers, artists, coders, anyone who wants to help. I can't pay so I don't expect people to be chomping at the bit but I believe this project has potential so if you'd like to lend a hand I'd greatly appreciate it. -The Disaster Artist
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