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  1. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Thing is as a MOBA wouldn't it loose some of the core mechanics such as base building and unit creation? which are some of the things I enjoy in an RTS. Though I have never played a MOBA. Maybe your right and its the path that the RTS genre should head. I just hope that the genre doesnt die. I mean mobile games are taking over with tower defense. I said to a close friend when I can play a strategy game on my phone ill be impressed, he said "havent you heard of clash of clans". I think i died inside when he said that. dont get me wrong i enjoy clash of clans but im hoping for more AOE or C&C on mobile
  2. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Well I hope all goes well for you, Good luck Plus if you need any feedback with something give me a look
  3. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Z YES!! I played on a friends pc during the 90's never owned a pc myself till my teens. It was an enjoyable experience. Though i never played it enough to know much about the game though. I do remember the name and I do believe you can get it on steam now. Warlords Battlecry 3? I havent heard of it. Ill be sure to check it out Sorry to hear about the RTS that is now on the back-burner. I think there's not enough demand for RTS's at the moment plus it being a very hard to please genre. I know I still have an itch that hasn't been scratched yet by a developer. The only thing that came close to it for me was Spore's space stage created by maxis yet it was all cute which is possibly what killed it in the end.
  4. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Is it bad that I'm a RTS gamer and yet I haven't played Starcraft? Don't worry though I've been after it for a while My favourite RTS if you can call it an RTS as its also turn based is Rome total war. The first one. I agree with your last statement about allowing players to catch up. I've played so many games that don't allow players to catch up and its really frustrating (especially if your like me and keep losing). I also agree that there are so many possibilities with the RTS genre that I'm getting excited thinking about it However like you say it is out of fashion at the moment, I hope not for too long though.
  5. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me yes map designs... hhmm I'm going to need more paper haha. The RTS genre is where id like to progress into. How ever just so you know what kind of level of experience I have, pun intended. I'm Planning on remaking the Atari Asteroids game over the next few days. If you check my steam profile you can see it's full of RTS games. So its something I would really love to get into, to develop.
  6. Glenos

    RTS design techniques?

    Yes I understand that RTS is beyond beginer level, I'm just trying to expand my knowledge of it How ever you have answered some future questions I would have askedūüĎć I never actually thought about triggers. interesting. Thanks for breaking it down for me Time for me to do some more digging
  7. Hi I have been googling for the last half an hour to find no result in what I'm looking for. Racing games have the technique called rubber banding. I just want to know what the same kinds of techniques are called for RTS games. I would give more examples but that's the only one I know of. I'm curious as RTS's are my favorite genre and plan on making them in the distant future. Thanks in advance
  8. I like Lendrigan Games idea, I also agree with you that each ship should have its own strengths and weakness but this will then require some fine tuning and balancing.
  9. Glenos

    Resource types in sci-fi 4X

    HI well first off I love empire builder games, my favorite genre. look forward to the end result Matter sounds good to me, the only other thing I can come up with is supplies. I m not sure this is something I have seen before. Materials would also be good. Depending on what other elements you have used in your game and what the game is called you could use something with the game name in it. Like spore did, sporebucks you could use a similar technique. As for an icon I was thinking a simple wooden crate or even a metal one seeing as its a sci fi game. I think the icon will depend on what you choose for the name. As for rare earths what about Rodium? Just a simple name that popped into my head and I'm hoping it is a made up name. Ill google it after this. let me know what you think. I'm sure i could help come up with other ideas if you need them.
  10. Thanks for getting back to me. I only asked what the industry was lacking as I was curious if there was some where I could fit in. and if I have one thing is drive and motivation. Games are a big passion of mine and I'm a little embarrassed its taking me this long to realize that development is what I want to do. But yes i still need to discover what kind of role I would enjoy. Thanks for the PDF, have already downloaded it an ill read it after posting this. I plan on just making simple games to start with, I've got a little experience making 2D games which is still a skill i would like to improve upon. The ultimate goal is run my own studio and yes i know how ambitious this sounds but there's nothing else that i would like to strive for more. And yes i still have a long way to go till i reach that goal but I'm sure if I work hard at it keep growing it can become a reality. I loose sense of time when I'm making anything for a game, but yet I'm going to start off small with 2D games. Yes I know anything worth having wont come easy. Just wanted someones opinion on it who has done it themselves. Like I said simple games to start with until I build up my knowledge. yes this is very true and I do believe in networking, which applies to many different industries. I am going to EGX with the college in a few weeks so I see it as a great networking opportunity. Then again this is another reason I joined this site so i could get some advice and meet some good people too Yes I love GTA also but dont play it enough.(too many games) Again thanks for you input sorry if i seem a little cranky I've been studying all day and I'm now going to stop after reading the pdf.
  11. Love the texture you have used for the overall plane, I'm unsure about the black texture for the flaps the rest look ok to me. I think someone said earlier about the wings being to big? I have to agree with them, plane looks like more of a bomber than a fighter. How ever you have still done a great job
  12. Thanks guys A great response from both of you. It has given me some clarity and helped push me in the right direction Its getting late for now where I am so I'm keeping it short and sweet. I will be checking back tomorrow, perhaps with more questions haha. I also love the C&C franchise, they don't quitemake them how they use to.
  13. Hi there I'm creating this topic as an introduction to who I am and why I have found my self here. I'm a mature student(26) from England. I have just started My second year at college. So far I have learned a lot about making 2D games from my previous year. This second year is going to be involving more 3D stuff and using engines such as unity and 3DS max. which at the moment I have about an hours experience with. However I'am thoroughly enjoying it, even though I'am only on day 2 of my second year.I just have a few questions that I hope some of you lovely people can help me with. I Love Love Love video games, always have always will. I'm so excited to actually start making some games. How ever career wise I'm unsure as what path I should follow, Artist,animator,programmer ect, they all appeal to me. I've always wanted to set up a business and never new what until about a year ago when I first started studying. So I hope that in the future I will be an indie dev.Think I have rambled on enough now. I will list my questions. 1. What is the best career path to follow? I mean what is the industry lacking? 2.whats the best engine to start off with? so far I have only used construct 2. 3.Is programming as difficult as it sounds? whats the best language to use? 4.How can I get ahead of my fellow students? 5. what is your favorite game and why? I have more but I'll leave it be for now.
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